U.S., Mexico, Central America Integrating Law Enforcements

Merida Initiative Will Help Battle Drug Trafficking:source
Measure sets up new partnership in drug war

"Washington -- Recognizing that illegal drug trafficking is not just a Mexican and Central American problem but also a problem for the United States, Congress and President Bush have launched a multiyear partnership to provide equipment and training to support law enforcement efforts to curb the flow of illegal narcotics."

"...Bush signed the legislation into law June 30 at the White House."

""This bill includes $465 million for the Merida Initiative, a partnership with Mexico and nations in Central America," Bush said at the signing ceremony."

"'The Merida Initiative includes funding for nonintrusive inspection equipment, ion scanners and canine units for Mexico and Central America to stop drugs, arms, cash and criminals. It also includes secure communications systems, helicopters and surveillance aircraft, and it includes training and community action programs for anti-gang measures.""
re: partnership with Mexico and nations in Central America
Officially called the Merida Iniative, but dubbed by some as 'Plan Mexico'. With virtually no exposure at all by the main stream media (msm), here is simply more of the behind the scenes, under the radar integration of the global/regional government system.
Before the regional government system can function, it is necessary to create 'partnerships' between the local governments, law enforcement agencies (in this case), industries, community groups, etc. This is quite often accomplished by use of the notorious 'common enemy'. When there is a 'common enemy', everybody must rally and put aside differences to defeat the 'threat'. The partnerships are then formed, the management system is built, the locals are trained to implement at the city/community levels, and voila, a functioning system of inter-nation regional government is in place. Those at the local level will never even realize that they are part of, and doing the bidding of, the new global system, aka A21.
'Drug trafficking' makes a great 'common enemy' for multi-nation law enforcement integration, and that is exactly what has been done.
So much for sovereignty. Sovereignty is obsolete...people just don't know it yet. 666 is rising.
compare: global-police
"... ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?" (Matt. 16:2-3)

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