Join the NWO...Get A Free Starbucks Coffee

update on Obama Zombies Pledge Allegiance 1-20-09 (see link) "As if in a mind-numbed trance, more than 50 Hollywood celeb's echo the same psycho-manipulative NWO message of 'service to their leader', or as Aston Kutcher says, a "commitment of service to our new president", along with a smattering of 'green' hype thrown in for good measure. Posted here solely for the reason of awareness, i.e awareness of just how big and absolutely choreographed the 'Operation Obama plan to subjugate-the-nation' actually is (Hollywood and corporate America are in on it, in other words)."
and they are coming for you next:

Starbucks asks: "Are you in?" [the NWO]
Starbucks and the NWO want you to become an 'Obama-pledging zombie' too and join the new so-called grass roots movement of "service". They will give you a FREE cup of coffee if you will "pledge" 5 hours of service to your 'community'.

The NWO is 'showing their cards' now, and this little video really is an omen of what's ahead. A new phase of the transitioning of this country into global government has begun, and pressure to conform is now beginning to be applied openly on the individual. They want to know if "you are in" and they want pledges.

Corporate America is already 'all in', and 'Operation Obama' exists solely for the purpose of facilitating the transformation. It's very late in the game. see: Obama Reads NWO Communitarianism Script To 'Everybody' (need to read)

Mindless NWO slaves needed. In or out?
'Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is...Lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping.' (Mark 13:33;36)

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Anonymous said...

i'm definitely NOT IN!!!! Why not join me and COME OUT. Now is the time.