Troubling Sign: Obama Schools, Streets

Good morning, Barack Obama Elementary School!" That is what children attending the former Ludlum Elementary in Hempstead, New York have been hearing ever since the local school district board voted unanimously to change the name...
Barack Obama took office barely 10 days ago, but already schools and streets are being renamed. In the Hempstead case they didn't even wait until Inauguration Day, re-christening the school back in November -- the first in the nation to do so.
They "want to keep this interest, this high belief that we can really make a difference, that we can change our community, that we can change our nation, that we can make the world a better place,"
"Usually this thing doesn't take place until the president is out of office and often until the president has actually died."
But the "hope for some kind of utopia" during the Democratic Obama administration after eight years of Republican president George W. Bush has proven too powerful for some to wait, Thompson and others said.
And there are plenty more, already completed or in the works.
In Opa-Locka, a majority-black Miami, Florida suburb of 25,000 people, street signs already reflect a Barack Obama Avenue. The name will be inaugurated on Presidents Day, February 16.
St. Louis, Missouri has also named a street after the president, and in Hollywood, Florida residents Thomas and Theresa Smith embarked on a crusade to have a thoroughfare renamed Barack Obama Boulevard.
But while young students spurring community change is impressive, Syracuse's Thompson eyes a worrying trend.
"The idea of naming a school after a political leader still in office should always make us nervous," he said.
"It implies the ... endorsement of that political leader" in an institution that is "presumably a place where children are educated and learn to think for themselves."
re: naming a school after a political leader still in office
This post is an update on the VERY disturbing strategy of the Zionist Submission Agenda Underway 1-27-09:
(quoted comment) "Now that Operation Obama is in place it will require an absolutely gargantuan effort to keep that rock-star persona current...of the type of psychological-bombardment strategy that is now underway in the attempt to brainwash the populace and bring them to the next stage....obey your 'leader'" (see post)

Code name: Operation Obama

"They want to keep this interest"....and [for that reason] "...there are plenty more, already completed or in the works", to quote two statements from the posted article above. Houston we have a problem. A huge problem.

Be aware, be very aware, and do not be seduced through complacency. The NWO has turned the corner, the next phase has begun. It is undeniable...the U.S. is being morphed into the brave new world of totalitarianism. Unquestioning obedience to authority must be achieved to take control of a nation, and to accomplish that the first thing necessary is creation of a 'leader' to be obeyed. The coming 'North American Union' (aka ) of the regionalized global management system is being 'introduced' to theirs. You are seeing it, and, very important, take note, it's only just begun. compare: Obama Zombies Pledge Allegiance 1-20-09

related:Allegiance To… Obama? 1-29-09 "the boy said that during the Pledge of Allegiance the teacher put up a large image of Obama next to the flag..."

Daniel 3:18 "...be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve...the golden image which thou hast set up."

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