Icelandic Anti-NWO 'Revolution' Underway: Spontaneous or Organized?

Civil unrest in Iceland
Iceland's government is on the point of collapse as angry protesters stake out the parliament in Reykjavik
While Barack Obama was being sworn in to office on Capitol Hill yesterday, the people of Iceland were starting the first revolution in the history of the republic.
Yesterday parliament resumed for the first time after Christmas. Without much organisation or central planning the public surrounded the parliament building and put forward a clear demand for early election. Ignoring them, the ministers and parliamentarians tried to sit out the protest, hiding inside the old building in downtown Reykjavik. This time it didn't work. The protests grew and ordinary people kept warm by burning torches in front of the building. They were going nowhere. Well into this dark night in Iceland's history, parliament remained under siege, and the vigil resumed this morning.
The Icelandic public fear that their country has virtually been stolen by the globetrotting business elite that spent more time rubbing shoulders with international high society than giving back to the society that enabled them to enjoy this privileged lifestyle. Now ordinary Icelanders are determined to take their country back.
re: "ordinary Icelanders...determined to take their country back"
This post is an update on Iceland Suffering Under NWO Absorbtion 11-23-08: "Note: In "demanding" the resignation of government 'officials', if protesting citizens of Iceland were at some point to be accused of anarchy, or even if some sort of anarchy were possibly instigated by agents provocateurs, it is not difficult to see how this could be used to impose martial law upon Icelanders. Fact: The entire world will be under military rule in the global system."
It's the first day back for the parliament since Christmas and apparently a 'revolution' has begun in Iceland, according to sources. The situation is ongoing at present, with reports of pepper spray being fired at the 'protesters'. Ordinary people in a standoff with and demanding the resignation of their parliament, and all this "without much organization or central planning", according to the writer of this article. Not likely. The ordo ab chao is evident here.

Now here is the question, and it has been suggested here previously, but it seems to be taking some actual shape now, post-inauguration. Is the same thing being planned for this country? Ordo ab chao revolution that is, to destabilize the entire society. Are the agent provocateurs already at work? Here is an interesting post found on the Orly Taitz website this morning. Taitz is one of the attorneys with a still-pending case against what's his name. They are literally calling to begin a "resistance" movement: (quote)

"If you agree that this is serious, you can join the "resistance". (No, I'm not asking people to take up arms against the government. Hopefully, it won't come to that. But, given Obama's obvious disdain for the Constitution so far, don't be surprised if THEY decided to take up arms against US. What will you do then??) How can you join the resistance? There are links to most everything you need to get started -- already on my Web site." from: drorly.blogspot

compare, follow links: Oakland 'Civil Unrest' Update #1: The Plot Thickens 1-16-09
Again, for the NWO to rise, the old order must be destroyed. This explains Iceland. Be aware. The global 'civil unrest' buzz is growing louder by the day 12-27-08, and that includes this country.
Beware the agent provocateurs...it's a set up. Come out of her my people...Rev. 18:4

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