Congress Rubber Stamps Obama Too

Barack Obama is the 44th president after the Congress met in joint session today to count the Electoral College votes from the November election.
Vice President Dick Cheney, in one of his last actions as president of the Senate, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi presided over the ceremonial, but constitutionally required state-by-state tally.
re: "constitutionally required"

Counting of the Electoral College vote constitutionally required? Oh, the irony of it. To no one's surprise, the U.S. Knesset Senate has completely ignored the very legitimate questions in regard to constitutional eligibility and has rubber stamped Obama's application for 'NWO spokesman'. As the U.S. is to now be assimilated into the regionally-governed global system, he will be doing all the infomercials. see: Pied Piper and Black Widow Spider 11-5-08

The Zionist agenda cannot be hidden any longer, and it is on a full speed ahead tear, see: Obama-Zionist White House Forming 11-7-08
Realistically, the only question remaining is whether or not a "constitutional crisis" will be scheduled by the NWO architects to further demonstrate the demise of the sovereign nation state model of government. This is not pessimism but truth. To merge Canada, America, and Mexico (Canamerexico) into the regional system will require the suspension of all existing separate legal systems. It is truly just as simple as that. The Canadians recently did just that, suspending their Parliament, and to date it remains so: Canadian Update #3: Parliament Suspended Until 'Late January' 12-4-08
A constitutional crisis could conceivably be used to instigate "civil unrest" (here), with the result being the imposition of martial law (here). This would facilitate the NAU agenda immensely. Speculation...yes, but the dots are there and they may connect soon. The picture is not pretty. Be aware. Rev. 18:4
(follow links, connect dots)
Thus saith the Lord as to mankind's anti-christ one world government, the very thing developing before our eyes:
"I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him." Ezk. 11:27 see: The Stone the Builders Rejected (Bible prophecy; Daniel ch. 2)

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