California Joining NWO

California One Week from Issuing IOUs…May Not Be Accepted by Banks

But, Chiang, whose office writes the state's checks, says California is about out of stopgap tricks to pay its bills and keep all its programs running.

The controller says California is down to Plan D on its checklist of paying bills. Its cash reserves are piddling; the special funds it borrows from are tapped out, and no one in the private sector is going to lend it any cash at a reasonable interest rate.
That leaves what in state government circles are called "payment deferrals" and what in real life is called "stiffing your creditors."
Follow up on 'Going For Broke'...California And World Government 1-17-09 "Global regional government at the local level will be a community-based system of management. This community based system will be essentially the same worldwide. The affairs of the state governments are to be shifted to the individual communities. This will be of necessity, they will say, because the states are 'bankrupt', and no longer able to provide the particular services. This is the one world government plan called Agenda 21. Another name for it is 'communitarianism' (community-communism). California and Schwarzenegger are blazing a trail and it is the beginning of the 'full' transformation process for this country." (see post)
re: 'California is down to Plan D'
Unless the existing system 'collapses', the new system could never be put in place. Plain and simple as that. The global economy has basically collapsed, we are told, and this will require a 'new world order' to fix, we are also told. see: G. Brown latest speech 1-26-09
The same design for change is being used to 'retire' the old model of state level government in this country and replace it with the new 'community-based' model. Believe it or not.
California is not sliding off into the Pacific ocean, but they are the first state to begin the process of open absorption by the NWO. The others are not far behind. Watch and see.
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Hatch said...

You are right on the money or lack there of. As a California resident we have been told any tax return filed after February 2nd due a refund from the state will get an "I.O.U." no joke.

tom m. said...

hey Hatch,

Good to hear from you. Over here in Hawaii, the same thing is set to go full speed ahead. While not going to IOU's, the state is saying that they are in an unprecedented 'financial crisis' and that they "can't afford business as usual".

Here's a quote from the governor's [Lingle] "state of the State" address which was given just yesterday 1-26-09:

"The reality is that we will have to make some unpopular choices that will reduce some services and cause others to be delivered in a different way.

"Not because we want to, but because we can't afford business as usual."

Intepreted, that means the global agenda is on from this point forward. "Some services delivered in a different way" means public-private partnerships..which means the government, as the bigger 'partner', basically taking over the private sector and tying it into the control network.

Churches and non-profits too will be tied in and expected to 'deliver' what used to be government services. It's their 'purpose' in the interconnected community-based management system.

Fabricated 'crisis' to deconstruct the existing order. Like you said, it's no joke.

They are 'going for it' all the way...never be the same

Praise the LORD anyway Hatch...


Micah 7:7 Therefore I will look unto the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me.