World Government Gone Wild: 'Hemispheric' Management

Building the Hemispheric Growth Agenda: A New Framework for Policy

The Trade Advisory Group of the Americas Society/Council of the Americas on January 13 released a major report, Building the Hemispheric Growth Agenda: A New Framework for Policy (PDF), detailing specific ways to reignite trade and integration with Latin America even during troubled economic times. As the impact of Wall Street’s meltdown plays out across the hemisphere, leaders are grappling with ways to consolidate their recent economic advances. Trade expansion must remain an important part of the equation, and the report offers practical guidance for hemispheric leaders as they work to build a broader agenda in advance of the next Summit of the Americas in April 2009.

It is a valuable proposal for revitalizing hemispheric relations and placing Latin America and the Caribbean, in partnership with the United States and Canada, at the forefront of the global economy.”
re: "major report...Latin America and the Caribbean, in partnership with the United States and Canada"
This post is an update on: 'Regional' World Government: Latin America, Caribbean Regions Integrating Financially 12-20-08 "Leaders from 33 Latin American and Caribbean countries here on Wednesday called for "the gradual creation of a new regional financial architecture."
The single global economy necessary to manage the regional system of one world government is now being hardwired at international levels. As seen in the update link just above, less than one month ago the Latin American and the Caribbean 'regions' of the new global management system took the first steps toward integrating the separate economies of their different global regions. see:
Without missing a beat, the call has now been sounded for the still wet behind the ears Latin and Caribbean 'regions' to integrate at an even higher level, the 'hemispheric', by forming a "partnership" with the U.S. and Canada, the soon to be North American Union. The plan for this new 'high level' grouping of 'lower level' regions is titled the "Hemispheric Growth Agenda".
Call it what they may, it is simply one world government. As these two articles/posts show, the concept is really very simple. As the individual global regions are formed, the regions themselves are to then be grouped for purposes of upper level management. That is what is seen here. This global system must be throughly interconnected to be controlled. From 'hemispheric' upper level management down through the various lesser geographic regions, and all the way down to the community level worldwide, the flow chart is taking shape.
The United Nations call this world government plan Agenda 21. Some others, global interfaith proponet Rick Warren for one, call it the "three-legged stool" .
Christians who understand biblical prophecy correctly, and believe it, call it a 'kingdom'. They will identify this rapidly forming one world system as the kingdom of the coming counterfeit Jewish messiah, the Antichrist. Be aware, few are. see: Zionist 'kingdom come'
The ptb claim that the recent Wall Street chaos has created this need to 're-invent' the world. compare: '9-1-2' Controlled Financial Implosion For Global Government (follow links, connect dots)
Daniel 8:23 And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.

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