Oakland 'Civil Unrest' Update #1: The Plot Thickens

This post is an update on NWO 'Agent Provocateurs' And Civil Unrest? 1-8-09 (quote) "This video shows the organization in Oakland of a greater protest already beginning, complete with community leaders and "revolutionary activists" (language warning). If the 'Greece strategy' is being used here to create chaos, this situation can be expected to escalate beyond Oakland. At the very least, it may serve as a demonstration for future 'unrest". Ordo ab chao...." (see post)
Ex-officer pleads not guilty in BART shooting

OAKLAND, California (CNN) -- A former police officer for the Bay Area transit system pleaded not guilty Thursday in the New Year's Day shooting of a passenger at an Oakland rail station.

Johannes Mehserle, 27, appeared in a packed Alameda County courtroom, with his supporters separated by a courtroom aisle from relatives of shooting victim Oscar Grant III and other spectators. Mehserle is charged with shooting Grant, 22, in an incident that spurred violent protests in Oakland after being captured on video

Superior Court Judge Robert McGuinness ordered the ex-officer held until his next hearing, scheduled for January 26.
Thursday's proceedings drew an overflow crowd to the courthouse, with some would-be spectators grumbling that they could not get into the hearing.
re: 'not guilty'...packed Alameda County courtroom
Packed courthouse, overflow crowds, white police officer pleads not guilty for the shooting of a young unarmed black man...it appears that the stage has been set for a possibly very volatile and ongoing 'situation'.
In fact, as far as creating a situation to breed some 'civil unrest' chaos, it would be difficult to write a better script than this if someone tried. This has all the potential, and it's only just begun. watch and see...
Global 'Civil Unrest' Buzz Growing Louder by The Day 12-27-08
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follow interconnected links..the dots are definitely connecting...

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