Iceland Update: 'Revolutionaries' Victorious

Icelandic government becomes first to be brought down by the credit crunch

The government of Iceland today became the first to be effectively brought down by the credit crunch.
After several nights of rioting over the financial crisis, Prime Minister Geir Haarde, surrendered to increasing pressure and called a general election for May....A poll would not normally be held until 2011
Protests had been held weekly since the crisis broke last year, but since Tuesday have been held every night.
On Thursday, police used tear gas on demonstrators for the first time since protests against the North Atlantic island's entry into the NATO alliance in 1949.
Special forces had to rescue Haarde from his car after he was surrounded by an furious mob hurling eggs and cans outside the government offices, in Reykjavik.
re: 'Prime Minister surrendered...furious mob'
This post is an update of Icelandic Anti-NWO 'Revolution' Underway: Spontaneous or Organized? 1-21-09 "Ordinary people in a standoff with and demanding the resignation of their parliament, and all this "without much organization or central planning", according to the writer of this article. Not likely. The ordo ab chao is evident here."
After only two days of 'revolution' (see update link above), it looks like the "furious mob" in Iceland was victorious in overpowering and ousting their government. Tear gas or not, they would not be deterred, and so dominant were they that special forces were needed to rescue the embattled Prime Minister from their clutches.
Does anybody really believe that this would be possible unless it were part of the NWO script?
What is the moral of the story? Apparently we are to take away from this that 'revolution' for disgruntled citizens is not only possible, but that it could even be successful. More than a few are already predicting this for this country.
one example: Lynn Stuter -- SCOTUS message to the American people [see update link also]
What will replace the fallen parliament...have to wait to see exactly what it will be, but no doubt about it, it will be according to the NWO script. The 'chaos' has done it's job, and 'new order' can now rise from the ashes in Iceland.
see all: (connect dots)
1Thessalonians 5:17 'Pray without ceasing'


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