Clinton Takes Office; Follows Global Script

Clinton Names Climate Czar

Citing the “complex, urgent and global threat of climate change,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today appointed a special envoy for climate change, who will lead the United States in international climate negotiations.
“We have no shortage of evidence that our world is facing a climate crisis,” said Ms. Clinton, who went on to attribute a large part of the problem to the burning of fossil fuels.
“A new day is dawning in the U.S. approach to climate change and clean energy,” he said. [new 'climate czar' Todd Stern]
follow up on Nasa Scientist: Four Years To Save Earth 1-18-09 (quote) "Now that the scripted election drama is over and with their man successfully installed as 'Speech Reader', the Zionist agenda to use the ruse of the green agenda to transform the free world into a micromanaged global kingdom is set to go full speed ahead. "Urgent action" is the mantra, and coupled with the 'save the earth' leverage tool, the self-proclaimed global elite will be forcing the issue from this point forward as never before." (see post)
re: complex, urgent and global threat
A new day is dawning in the U.S. according to the new 'climate czar' Todd Stern. Without question this is a true statement. The only problem is in defining the term "new day". The Zionist controlled politicians have a definition for that term that is all their own, and it does not mean at all what the majority of the ignorant 'average Joes' are being led to believe. Dismantling America and merging it into the Zionist one-world government is the reality, and the true interpretation of the phrase "new day". This new 'climate czar' will help facilitate this dictatorial transformation through new global-resource controlling 'green' legislations which are being invented for that purpose.
Clinton states that the primary problem is the burning of so-called fossil fuels. The correct interpretation of that statement is to say that the deconstruction of western industrialized society is imminent. This is the true interpretation. "Complex, urgent and global threat" is the same old worn out 'fabricated' excuse trumpeted again as the reason for the forcing of this drastic 'transformation' now being put on fast-forward.
The 'new day' spoken of is the 'new age' of the anti-christ one world government. It has arrived and all the role players are reading from the script. Be informed. see: The Global Script
The individual state governments have already been trained to obey the new czar. for example see: U.S. governors trained to 'grow green economies' 11-14-08
see also: New buzzword: "urgent" 4-7-08
(more info: follow interconnected links, connect dots)
The Zionist 'kingdom of men' shall not stand...
Deut. 32:18 'Of the Rock that begot thee thou art unmindful, and hast forgotten God that formed thee. 19 And when the LORD saw it, he abhorred them'

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