Chipless RFID Tracking Launched

RFID ink product could track humans

A US company has launched a chip-less RFID (radio frequency identification) ink that can be used to track both animals and people.
Visible or invisible ink “tatoos” can be applied to the skin and tracked by RFID readers positioned a few feet away.
The technology will be used initially in the livestock industry to help identify and track cattle, and help mitigate export trade loss from BSE scares.
Secondary target markets include laboratory animals, dogs and cats, prime cuts of meat and military personnel, according to the company.
Chipless technology has arrived

RFID visible or invisible ink "tatoos" to track animals and humans. As the Word of God foretells, when the coming man of sin (2 Thes. 2:3-4), the Antichrist, takes full power over the earth, the global serfdom will truly be managed like cattle. This new product might be bringing that scenario a little closer to home.
Looks as if the members of the military may be used as guinea pigs before too long. This is not funny anymore. see: '666'
compare: NWO-NAU Population Management Phasing In 1-6-09
also: Right hand, or forehead? 4-11-08 microchipped police in UK
Rev. 13:17 'And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark...'

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