New 'Travel Registration' Requirement Begins Today...Meet 'ESTA'

Warning over new US travel rules bbc.co.uk

The Foreign Office is warning that thousands of tourists could be turned away at US airports and ports, as a new online entry system comes into effect.
From 12 January, visitors from countries which do not need visas will need to fill in an electronic form at least 72 hours before they travel.
America welcomes nearly 60 million tourists a year and about 50 million of those travel without the formality of a visa.
Electronic applications - known as Esta (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) - have to be approved by the US Department of Homeland Security.
Once an application is approved, it will be valid for all visits to the US for a two-year period
re: 'Electronic System for Travel Authorization'
Big brother approved travel begins today 1-12-09 for visitors to the U.S. who have previously, in the OWO that is (old world order), traveled without a visa. No more. This is the NWO and "ESTA" is here. Starting today 1-12-09, prior registration and approval is required before travel to the U.S. will be permitted.
This post is an update on: Global citizenship 3-19-08:
"THE EUROPEAN UNION HAS AGREED to link its immigration databases with those of the US in a plan that could result in the routine transatlantic exchange of people's biometrics."
"This will be linked with the US Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA), details of which the US has not yet made public."
As seen, the details of ESTA are slowly coming out now. As part of another related program, the "Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative", six months from now, in June '09, Americans will be required to use a passport to re-enter their own country. see: NWO-NAU Population Management Phasing In.
Take note...as disturbing as these restrictive new regulations are, they are merely conditioning for the much greater, absolute control measures that the self exalted would-be global masters have planned for the common people in the future world they are constructing. That future world is not so future anymore, it is at this point now far advanced. Most people are BEING CONDITIONED though because of the gradual nature of the changes. Getting used to the dark as it were. see: The beaker's starting to boil, froggies
Be not conditioned. These are life and death issues because the encroaching draconian system is none other that the biblically prophesied 666 one world government. Believe it or not.
Matt. 24:33 So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.

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