Serena Williams Is A Man Irrefutable Video - Or You Can't Fake The 'Indent'; And Simone Biles...'Transgender'?

[updated 8-17]   Below video is a few years old. Seemed like a good time to take another look at it as the 2016 Rio Olympics are underway and Serena Williams will be looking to defend the gold medal won at the 2012 London games. Additionally considering how the global-attack to destroy gender has exponentially increased since that time. Dramatically to say the least. The video is about a half hour long and is worth viewing in it's entirety. As with other videos posted it also is posted 'as is'. This one is titled "IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Serena Williams IS A MAN". Let the viewer carefully consider. Examining a thing as best as can be done with what is available - how else can it be done? The only alternative is a mind-numbed acceptance of everything that gets put out. Below the video are some thoughts provoked by the video - thinking out loud as it were - in comment form. And then also a look at a certain American gymnast by the name of Simone Biles apparently about to become a 'game changing' global superstar - who seems to have some of the same 'transgender' characteristics as Serena:

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click image to enlarge - male hip-point waist indent very evident

Gender deception upon the world. Blurring the concept of male and female. At this point in the game, August 2016, that this very thing is in fact an actual high-priority agenda item of the would be novus ordo seclorum gang is not even in question anymore. This in fact now being an open and known global-goal raises the question of exactly what lengths might the would-be new-world architects go to achieve their goals. Is it conceivable that some mysterious behind-the-scenes power-brokers would carefully select some young males for 'transgender' alterations in order to use them to dominate women's sports. This would certainly help in the perception-changing game. If so, would it seem too far fetched if they took them even from infancy, or perhaps toddlers.

Pure surmising here, but what if a pool of very young toddlers were 'altered', and then from that group the most promising were later selected for the 'purpose'. So young that perhaps the child would never have known the difference. If from before the time that a child had any awareness he was 'transgendered', and then raised as a female, the child would then never know any difference. Raised as a girl from day one, never knowing anything different, this would be a difficult psychological barrier to ever overcome. How many kids might it take to find the one who could go on to become an athletic champion? Would just one or two be enough or would many be needed to be assured of getting one that could be a 'champ'. That's just another thought while pondering on these things. Would it be thought completely out-of-the-question to consider the possibility of actually breeding for the desired traits? Obviously nothing can be known, but just exploring different possibilities...for, well, you know, if someone really wanted to 'change the world' they might do anything.

The above video is what actually brings these things to mind. Take Serena and Venus for instance. For siblings, they really look nothing alike. In fact they could not be any more different, facially and body-type wise. One is tall and lean, the other is ultra-compact and relatively short. Nothing really in the way of family resemblance regarding appearance either. Just noting the fact - seems unusual.

The video producer points to the man who is said to be their father as the mastermind behind a scheme to take his two adoptive sons and turn them into female tennis champions for financial gain. This is really not plausible. There would have to be some much bigger players involved to pull off something like this. Now placing a number of chosen 'subjects' into settings to grow them up and then selecting the top prospects for the global-agenda purpose - that is far more believable actually. Interesting also in that respect would be the two different body types of the Williams. What if - and this is just a 'what if' - but suppose that out of a pool of prospects two top candidates were eventually selected, purposely with opposite body types, in order to see which would fare better. Just a thought.

Changing the world's 'perception' of the difference between women and men is the globalist-agenda now underway. Creating super-'woman' athletes would go a long way in "changing the game".

Speaking of super-'woman' athletes to "change the game", there is a young athlete that has been dominating women's gymnastics for the past few years by the name of Simone Biles. Few probably have ever heard of this champion gymnast but the whole world is about to be introduced now that the Rio Olympics are underway (August 5-21). An interesting thing to note here about Simone Biles background, as the story goes, is that Simone Biles was removed from an "unfit" drug-addicted mother as a toddler and placed in foster care, and then after a time adopted by 'grandparents' who then raised Biles. At any rate, fast forward the story now to 2016 and reportedly the consensus by those who would know claim Simone Biles is the best-ever, the most dominant ever, etc. in the sport of women's gymnastics. A real "game changer" according to the cover of this very recent August 8, 2016 TIME magazine:

Who is Simone Biles? That is Simone Biles featured on this TIME cover dated August 8, 2016. What is immediately noticeable is how powerful a build Simone has for a woman. Similar to Serena actually in the overall musculature. Seems to have rather large hands too. Stands four-foot-nine reportedly. Here's another image clipped from a Youtube showing Simone's very powerful torso:

Very interesting image. What was that about the indent? The "indent" - that's what gives women the classic hourglass shape, and gives men the classic 'V' shape torso. Hourglass or 'V"? - Which does champion women's gymnast Simone Biles appear to have? Note also the very broad shoulders. Easily a three-head-width, which as the diagram in the above 'Serena' video showed conclusively is not the female but the male proportion.

While making this observation it might be prudent to look at a couple of other world class women gymnasts. This next image is of Uzbekistan's Oksana Chusovitina who will also be competing in Rio, who in these 2016 games will be the oldest women ever to compete in an Olympics gymnastics tournament - link:
Very muscled, yet very clear hourglass shape. No mistaking it with Oksana Chusovitina. Next image is 1984 Olympics women's gymnastics gold medalist the USA's Mary Lou Retton. No mistaking the hourglass with Mary Lou Retton:

Side by side all similar height-weight. Mary Lou Retton on the left, Simone Biles center, Oksana Chusovitina on the right. Looks like hourglass - 'V' - hourglass:

Surgery, drugs, and hormones can all be used, obviously, to make a male appear to be female. But you just can't turn the 'V' into an hourglass:

Hourglass or 'V'? Simone Biles arms-only rope climb showing a 'v'ery powerful torso
Clip from recent Williams 'twerk' video - Sir Rena-Williams showing off
a 'v'ery manly (3x-shoulder V-torso) physique
'Changing the game' into an antichrist world-order of a servile class of androgynites ruled over by a class of god-complexed would-be overlords is without question the Znwo 'game' plan.

Don't have to play that game people.

Rev. 18:4
Update 8-17-16: Rio Olympics gymnastics events completed with Simone Biles having blown away the competition and walking away with four gold medals, now also a worldwide celebrity. What's next for the four-foot-nine game-changing gymnast...

(This copy-pasted from comment thread on this post)

Truth hidden in plain sight?

"A very interesting 'turn of events' on this Biles story is this news item:

Simone Biles’ Next Stop After The Olympics Is The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Set "The current greatest gymnast in the world, Simone Biles, will be embarking on a new adventure after she leaves the Rio Olympics. She’ll be heading to the set of “Pretty Little Liars.” ... It looks like Biles will be following in the grand tradition of all-around individual women’s gymnastics champions by making a cameo appearance on a fantastic teen television show"

Pretty little liars - next stop for Biles?

If a very clever hidden-in-plain-sight tell were to be done, as is always the case with the 'global planners', this one would be about as clever as they get..." (2 out of 3)

See also: 'Women's' Gymnastics Sex-Abuse A Massive Transgender-Pedophile Baphomet Psyop - e.g. 'Aly Raisman' (Raise Man) 1-20-18
Mark 10:6 '...God made them male and female'


Anonymous said...

Wendy Williams also appears to be a man. Is it a coincidence that "he" has the same last name as Serena and Venus. Makes you wonder. Maybe they all were experiments. Cause seriously of all the people, the weird drag queen looking woman gets a talk show???


Unknown said...

Muscularity is possible without a woman being a man...period. This accusation of these athletes is going a step too far.

tom m. said...

'V' or hourglass:


Muscularity is of course possible. Not the muscularity of a man though - for any woman, without extremely powerful drugs, and even then not the torso shape and shoulder width of a man.

What's going too far is the 'gendercide' agenda in the world today designed to "change the game" and rob the 'gender-identity' of literally millions upon millions of little boys and girls across the world...

Anonymous said...

tom m.

Most of the women in our church DON'T have that nice little indent either for they are suffering from the sin of gluttony. Then have the audacity to 'correct' the rest of us for not 'cooking right and feeding our families.' I believe Jesus would call these individuals 'liars, vipers, etc.'

As a former gymnast myself, yes, it is possible to achieve muscularity like these Olympic gymnasts WITHOUT drugs of any kind.

And yes, gendercide is the work of satan, but also are false accusations.

Just sayin'.

tom m. said...

to anon (directly above)

Not to continue to argue with any that think these things incorrect (nothing for me to gain making a post like this) - just pay no attention - but a few things to respond to nonetheless:

re: Muscularity like these Olympic gymnasts...w/o drugs

On the men's side yes obviously, on the women's side - there is not one single other athlete that has anywhere near the musculature of Biles, especially the upper body with male-width shoulders and pronounced 'V' shaped torso and clear indent on the hip. These things are just fact, not an opinion. No shortage of photos to bear that out.

re: the women in our church DON'T have that nice little indent either for they are suffering from the sin of gluttony

Every woman, no matter how large or overweight, will have that 'indent'. It is the female frame. Above the navel for a female, below the navel, on the point of the hip bone, for the male. This is human anatomy, not a matter of physical condition - muscular or overweight. Just for the record, a random photo (even a much larger woman than this would look similar) of a 'plus size' woman showing that physical condition does not alter anatomy with indent clearly discernible above the navel (red arrow):


The photo evidence can not be dismissed.

tom m. said...

Truth hidden in plain sight?

A very interesting 'turn of events' on this Biles story is this news item:

Simone Biles’ Next Stop After The Olympics Is The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Set "The current greatest gymnast in the world, Simone Biles, will be embarking on a new adventure after she leaves the Rio Olympics. She’ll be heading to the set of “Pretty Little Liars.” ... It looks like Biles will be following in the grand tradition of all-around individual women’s gymnastics champions by making a cameo appearance on a fantastic teen television show"

Pretty little liars - next stop for Biles?

If a very clever hidden-in-plain-sight tell were to be done, as is always the case with the 'global planners', this one would be about as clever as they get...

Rev. 18:4

Anonymous said...

I can easily have muscular arms after I had my child a year later of work my body began looking very masculine I have naturally large butt and hips and a tiny waist,now I'm back to medium sized arms thin waist and large ass no one understands if a black woman works out without steroids she can achieve a dominant figure now im easy on the protein and I don't try to work my arms that much now I look feminine i could easily look like Serena or her sister if I work out or have laboring type of work my husband is white and he is amazed by my figure now it's in stilled in us blacks to easily have muscular bods I watch what I eat so I can stay looking feminine she is not a man neither is Machel Obama i think God for my genes my husband is faithful he is fascinated with my body but it's OK I don't mind

Anonymous said...


tom m. said...

To anon (directly above)

Not like they would fake anything like that right? Note especially the supposed father 33 yrs. old.

Everything 'msm' is part of an endlessly false narrative - it's how they do their witchcraft-world

tom m. said...

[Due to change in photo-embed code for 'comments' these two images from above comments 3 and 5 were no longer viewable, so are here reposted]
comment #3 - 'V' or hourglass:


comment #5 - 'indent' not affected by physical condition:


Unknown said...

The people who refuse to see the very possible truth of these people being transgender are in a deep denial. Brainwashed and unable to think past what they're shown in the media. The world is a liar, Satan is the father of lies, and these famous people are just puppets as far as I'm concerned. Don't believe everything the media spits out people. Only God's word is infallible.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

While I don't doubt that Mr. Williams would be so attracted to the easy money he could get by mutilating children and cheating competitors, I don't think it would be possible to raise a child, no matter how young the "transition" starts, to not recognize the difference between himself and others who are naturally female. I do believe that a criminal parent could convince children to keep quiet forever (and that this would be a lot easier to convince them to maintain once the big money began rolling in).

The idea that a child could, if young enough, be surgically and hormonally altered and never know the difference, is incompatible with one very important story, that of David Reimer. After his penis was damaged during a botched circumcision, his parents were convinced to have his genitals removed and raise him as a girl, while his twin brother was raised as a boy. David/"Brenda" did not accept female identity, and played with his brother's toys. Most important - even other children knew "Brenda" was not a proper girl, assigning the nickname the cavewoman. By 14, the misery of "Brenda" was so great that Mr & Mrs Reimer violated the orders of the doctor and revealed the truth to their sons. David immediately chose to take a male name and live as a man. Tragically, both these brothers died very young - David a suicide, and his brother of a possibly accidental drug overdose.

Looking at Serena now, with all the money, fame, acclaim and status, and all the huge smiles, and I do not see a happy person. That racket smashing incident shows not only strength beyond an adult woman's, but a fierce anger. Look at the incident at the game she lost against a newby, even when she pleaded with the ref to change his call, she could not contain the seething anger.

Trying to live so far from what your actual nature is will never lead to actual happiness.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the smoking gun.

Let’s take a look at what Serena said in 2018 at the U.S. Open:


[starting at 7:12 in the video] "But you know how many OTHER MEN . . . do you know how man OTHER MEN do things that are . . . much worse than that [i.e., her outburst]?" [emphasis added]


[starting at 8:45 in the video] "But I've seen OTHER MEN call other umpires several things. . . ." [emphasis added]

Tell me--do you know of any biological women who refer to men as "other men"? And Serena does this TWICE in one day???

Can you say "Freudian slip"?? :)

Anonymous said...

Here's a helpful link to another board discussing this topic as well:


Besides the two YouTube videos with Serena's Freudian slip, it also mentions things like Richard Williams's whopping 78-page plan and transgender women being susceptible to blood clots.