South American Union Establishing Regional Parliament...and Biblical Prophecy

follow up on: South American Union Merging Legal System (10-5-08)
UNASUR decides to establish South American Parliament in Bolivia: www.chinaview.cn

LIMA, Oct. 17 (Xinhua) -- The Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) decided at a meeting on Friday to set up a South American Parliament in Bolivia to promote the bloc's integration.

Chilean President Michele Bachelet, also the UNASUR's temporary president, and Bolivian President Evo Morales opened the meeting in Bolivia's Cochabamba province which drew representatives from 12 countries in the region.

The meeting also agreed to create a working table formed by representatives from the UNASUR, the Andean Parliament and the Common Market of the South (MERCOSUR).
re: South American parliament and regional world government
While the entire financial system of the planet is being 'hardwired', as is presently being done, the next order of business will be the final dividing up of the nations into the various regions for management purposes. The individual 'regions' will all then come under the control of a single global organization, which will be none other than the Zionist kingdom of the false messiah of Israel. The fledgling (5-23-08) 12-nation South American Union is wasting no time, quickly beginning the process of creating the central authority for their particular region.
The South is rising, but the Northern American continent will not be far behind. The truth is that the agenda is already well advanced in all three countries, Canada, America, and Mexico, although relatively unseen by the majority because the integration is being accomplished by stealth. There will soon be no way to 'hide' it any longer though and this global assimilation program, aka Agenda 21, will be openly forced on the people one way or another. How exactly remains to be seen, but the globalists have many 'tricks' up their collective sleeves. (see: Canamerexico Coming Out Of The Closet; Paving The Way for the NAU?; U.S., Mexico, Central America Integrating Law Enforcements ).
The pace has stepped up dramatically on all points and it is full speed ahead. Big changes are in store for all. 'Wrap your mind around it' because this is the reality, and this reality is the spiritual world intersecting with the visible world as prophesied in the Word of God concerning the final period of Satan's rule over the kingdom of men on earth.
The spiritual world will become visible at that time as Satan will make himself known to mortal men through his false 'christ' i.e Antichrist. Seeking the worship of men he will then at a certain point declare himself to be God (2 Thes. 2:4), and in utter defiance of the only True and Living God, attempt to bring to completion his ages old plan to usurp control of this planet permanently.
This rapidly morphing world government regional-system is the stage that this will play out on, and it is being readied for his appearance. Rev. 18:4
The North American Union, i.e. Canamerexico, is the very next thing that must be accomplished after the global economic integration gets stabilized. This is very clear to see because, except for a few remaining middle east issues, it is the last major hurdle to be cleared on the way to realizing the next phase of the Satanic dream...establishing themselves as kings of the earth. see: One World Kingdom Birthing (Mediterranean Union 7/13/08)
Be informed, watching, praying. Luke 21:36
Biblical prophecy concerning the 'kings of the earth': "ten kings...shall arise" Dan. 7:24
Follow links, connect dots. There is a lot of information in all of these many links if interested.
The problem is that man is in rebellion against God their creator, and all of these kings shall fall, saith the LORD:
'I will shake the heavens and the earth; And I will overthrow the throne of kingdoms, and I will destroy the strength of the kingdoms of the heathen' Haggai 2:21-22

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