New Microsoft Technology To 'Edit' The Web

Microsoft patents web moderator robots: times.co.uk

The problem with the internet, as we all know, is that it gives free rein to loonies. Once upon a time, green inkers would rant away on writing paper, seal their 30-page global conspiracy theory into a recycled envelope and post it to a newspaper, which would drop it harmlessly into a wastepaper basket. Now they infiltrate chat rooms, scrawl anonymous abuse in web discussions and even have their own video blogs.
Sometimes this is entertaining; sometimes it can be offensive. So Microsoft has just been awarded a patent for technology designed to automatically detect and remove “undesired words or phrases” from all manner of digital communications, ranging from YouTube broadcasts to internet chat and songs.
The patent describes a system that listens out for phonemes (word fragments) likely to be part of a swearword. If it thinks it hears a forbidden phrase, the software either fades out the offending syllables or simply replaces the rude word with a similar-sounding but clean alternative lifted from earlier speech without a second’s delay
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Turkey blocks access to blogger.com, blogspot.com: "Since Friday, it’s been impossible to access popular blogging platform Blogger or any blogspot.com domain from a Turkish IP address, due to a ban imposed by a court in the south east of Turkey."
(They won't be reading this site then. anothervoicerev184.blogspot.com)
re: "automatically detect and remove undesired words and phrases"
Big Brother doesn't like tattletales so has created new technology to automatically 'edit' all digital content on the internet. The time is growing ever shorter for freedom to access anything which has not been produced by the NWO bureau of propaganda (case in point, Turkey and Australia). After the 'roll out', the creeping spread will begin, until the web has essentially been completely "moderated" to ensure that eventually no dissent is heard. The 'beast' will not tolerate dissent. (Rev. 13:15; 20:4... scripture search on right)
It's not a game any more because they're not playing anymore.
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When, not if, the lights (so to speak) are shut off and all are left in the dark, it will not matter if you Know the bible
Ps. 119:130 The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple.

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