NWO Internet Control Makes Big Advances

No opt-out of filtered Internet: computerworld
Policy to be set after trial

Australians will be unable to opt-out of the government's pending Internet content filtering scheme, and will instead be placed on a watered-down blacklist, experts say.

Under the government's $125.8 million Plan for Cyber-Safety, users can switch between two blacklists which block content inappropriate for children, and a separate list which blocks illegal material.

The government will iron-out policy and implementation of the Internet content filtering software following an upcoming trial of the technology, according to the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.

A spokesman for Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said the filters will be mandatory for all Australians.
EFA chair Dale Clapperton said in a previous article that Internet content filtering could lead to censorship of drugs, political dissident and other legal freedoms.

“Once the public has allowed the system to be established, it is much easier to block other material,” Clapperton said.

related [U.S.]: ISPs are pressed to become child porn cops
New technologies and changes in U.S. law are adding to pressures to turn Internet service providers into cops examining all Internet traffic for child pornography.
But such monitoring just became easier with a law approved unanimously by the Congress and signed on Monday by President Bush.

And the law ratchets up the pressure, making it a felony for ISPs to fail to report any "actual knowledge" of child pornography.
re: internet content filtering software

Mandatory starting in Australia... no dates given in the article. A new law in the U.S. giving ISP's the legal right to 'filter' all content and a precedent of legal penalties for "knowingly" permitting illegal content. With the new software there will be no possibility of any successful defense were one of the ISP's to claim no knowledge. Every single file can be monitored we are told. This simply means that that threat is a joke and the filtering will be happening...and will obviously soon include other types of content deemed objectionable to the 666er's.

Big Brother has opened the door and is preparing to begin controlling all accessible information. It doesn't take a genius to see what this is about and where it is going. ALL NWO dissent eventually will be silenced, period. This is no longer a drill. Absolute authoritarian control of the global population is right around the corner. 10-17-2008

Learn all you can now before the lights go out... Maranatha
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