Six European Nations Merge Economies

update on Foreign Banks To 'Fund' USA (10-13-08): "The financial system of the country and the world has now effectively been taken over by the self-proclaimed rescuers, the saviours of the world. It will take much more work certainly before the system is complete, more smoke and mirrors will be needed as it is all brand new, but the important thing to see is that the 'saviours' have essentially gained control. The deed is done, the rest is details."
Europe stuns with €1.5 trillion bank rescue, as France plays role of saviour

Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland and Austria have joined forces to launch the greatest bank bail-out in history, offering over €1.5 trillion in guarantees and fresh capital in a "shock and awe" blitz to halt the credit panic.

The move – unveiled simultaneously in the six states to maximise the show of unity – throws the full weight of the eurozone behind global efforts to stem the crisis.
Sarkozy has emerged as the statesman of the hour, shaping events as others dithered. [pseudo-saviour; ed.]
We have placed the first foundation stone of a new financial order," said chancellor Angela Merkel, underlining that nothing would ever be the same again in banking.

The pan-European plan – totalling over $2 trillion, or £1.17 trillion – completes the third leg of a dramatic restructuring of finance across the Western world.
re: "the first foundation stone of a new financial order"

"...and nothing will ever be the same again in banking". More than that, nothing will ever be the same in any other area of life either. Creating the global economic system is only one part of the overall world control mechanism now being installed across the globe. Micromanagement of every aspect of life on the planet is the only goal, and creating a single global economy is the foundation upon which the self -professed 'saviours' of mankind believe that they will be able to accomplish that goal and build their new "Atlantis" to reign as demigod kings upon the earth.
33rd degree masonic/illuminati author Manley P. Hall wrote of the occult inspired dream of these who have been blinded by power and further deluded with illusions of immortality; the dream of the new Atlantis:
“The New Atlantis sets forth an ideal government of the earth. It foretells that day when in the midst of men there shall rise up a vast institution composed of the philosophic elect — an order of illumined men banded together for the purpose of investigating the laws of life and the mysteries of the universe … The age of boundaries is closing, and we are approaching a nobler era when nations shall be no more; when the lines of race and caste shall be wiped out; when the whole earth shall be under one order, one government, one administrative body." -Manly P Hall "Lectures on Ancient Philosophy," published by the Philosophical Research Society Inc, Los Angeles (1970)”
Be aware...these dreamers are proudly announcing the laying of the first stone of the foundation. More stones must be laid and when the foundation is completed, the building will begin immediately. There will be no delays. The permitting process has been skipped and there will obviously be no problem with the financing...

see also: Beware The Dream
When the King of KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS (Rev. 19:16), the Lord and only Saviour Jesus Christ rises in righteous judgment (Rev. 19:11) against the defiant 'kings of the earth', it will be no contest. The symbolic Babylon (referred to as Atlantis by the esoteric occultists like Hall), the city of man, shall never be seen again, as the prophet Jeremiah foretells:

Jeremiah 51:26 And they shall not take of thee a stone for a corner, nor a stone for foundations; but thou shalt be desolate forever, saith the LORD.

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