'Green' Agenda Will Be Used To Control The World, The 'Politicians' Are On Board

Greens Aim to Take Us Forward to the Past

If you need more evidence that the Greens intend to destroy our standard of living, you need not look further than the Oct. 18 issue of New Scientist magazine - the cover of which reads, “The Folly of Growth: How to stop the economy killing the planet.”

The issue features eight articles that New Scientist editors believe justify their editorial entitled, “Why economic growth is killing the planet and what we can do about it.” Presented below the editorial is an ominously drawn graph purporting to show how global temperatures, population, carbon dioxide concentrations, GDP and loss of tropical rainforest and woodland have dramatically spiked upward since 1750, and how species extinctions, water use, motor vehicle use, paper consumption, fisheries exploitation, ozone depletion and foreign investment spiked during the 20th century.
[a synopsis of the eight articles is given]
The editorial concludes that “the science tells us that if we are serious about saving the Earth,” economic growth must be limited.

The New Scientist essays reveal how the Greens aim to eviscerate life as we know it. They want to take us from 200 years of “more-bigger-better” to a future of “less-smaller-worse
re: "saving the earth"

...is the designedly deceptive mantra...and the Global Script (here) is the means. Subjugate the world is the only goal. "Eviscerate life as we know it" is the reality and there is absolutely no other plan. It has already got it's 'roots' deep into the schools, universities, communities, churches, and businesses across the land. As to who is placed in office as 'president'..it ultimately matters not whatsoever. Either one, Obama or McCain (here- 3rd item), will forward the 'green' global agenda which is simply the means to the end of gaining the power to micromanage the planet by restricting and controlling all people and all their activities - a global serfdom, subjects in the kingdom of the coming Antichrist. Truly.
The agenda is already far far beyond the still existing illusion of a free U.S.A. and any electing of political saviours. Believe it or not. see: "Wrenching transformation" (need to read)

Be informed. The whole thing is about to go into warp speed and none will remain unaffected. Again, there is no plan 'b'.

compare: Back To The Farms, Says Gore

(follow links, connect dots. The links chain and there is a lot of information if interested)
Rom. 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (start calling now)

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