FBI Secret Police To Start 12/1/08

Guidelines Expand FBI's Surveillance Powers

Justice Department officials released new guidelines yesterday that empower FBI agents to use intrusive techniques to gather intelligence within the United States, alarming civil liberties groups and Democratic lawmakers who worry that they invite privacy violations and other abuses.

The guidelines, which harmonize five different road maps dating back more than a generation, take effect Dec. 1.

Justice Department leaders rewrote a key section of the guidelines concerning agents' infiltration of groups and attendance at demonstrations. Under the new language, agents would be able to investigate the likelihood of violence stemming from a planned demonstration for as many as 30 days, with renewals subject to supervisory approval.

Caroline Fredrickson, director of the ACLU's Washington legislative office, said: "Since, under these guidelines, a generalized 'threat' is enough to begin an investigation, the FBI will be given carte blanche to begin surveillance without factual evidence. . . . These guidelines will lead to political witch hunts and more unwarranted investigations of political enemies and peace groups."

follow up on (9/13/08) FBI Becoming Secret Police: "The Big Brother secret police have formally arrived."

...and the formal launching will be Dec. 1. Secret police doing secretive things. The 'beast' is now baring his fangs homelanders. Dan. 7:7 (scripture search on the right)
(details at original link) fyi

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