Report: Build 'Skeletal Infrastructure' To Survive Society Collapse

Preparing for the 'final blow'...
Rethinking Who Should Be Considered 'Essential' During A Pandemic Flu Outbreak

Not only are doctors, nurses, and firefighters essential during a severe pandemic influenza outbreak. So, too, are truck drivers, communications personnel, and utility workers. That's the conclusion of a Johns Hopkins University article to be published in the journal of Biosecurity and Bioterrorism. The report, led by Nancy Kass, Sc.D, Deputy Director of Public Health for the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics, provides ethical guidance for pandemic planning that ensures a skeletal infrastructure remain intact at all times. Dr. Kass says, "when preparing for a severe pandemic flu it is crucial for leaders to recognize that if the public has limited or no access to food, water, sewage systems, fuel and communications, the secondary consequences may cause greater sickness death and social breakdown than the virus itself."

The report recognizes that given the widespread and sustained nature of a pandemic, federal assistance will be spread thin and local jurisdictions must develop their own preparedness plans to ensure they are capable of sustained self-sufficiency. Encouraging and working with local businesses to develop their own response plans can help reduce the burden on local governments during a pandemic.

Other authors of this paper include: Jean Otto, DrPH, Senior Epidemiologist, Department of Defense, Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response System, Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research; Daniel O'Brien, JD, Principal Counsel, Office of the Maryland Attorney General, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene; and Mathew Minson, MD, Senior Medical Officer for Strategic Initiatives, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Planning for and creating skeletal infrastructures that remain intact

These last stages of transitioning the entire world into the global system will not come easy. By no means. The resistance and opposition would be too great to drag it out until la de da everybody is convinced that it is the best solution for all, and then go happily along with the flow, so to speak. That this would obviously never happen is of course well understood by the Cabalistic masters of the 'novus ordo seclorum'. For that reason, when everything else is ready and the scheduled time arrives, it is certain that the final blow will be sudden. Also, it will need to be a one punch knockout. This is for all the marbles.

Knowing which method will be used as the means to the end; i.e. the delivering of the actual knockout punch - whether the modus operandi would be a 'pandemic' or some other type of 'mass-casualty' event (to use an NWO catch phrase); is not important to this discussion. There are more than a few options to choose from: e.g. pandemic (per article), so-called terrorists maybe, even perhaps economic collapse, e.g. banks closed down one morning with notices on the doors that 'money has failed'...?

However it is done though, the entire existing 'old world order' system must be completely and finally shut down and shifted over to the community-based global model of the NWO.

It will have to be forced for this to happen. Communities are to be put in a position of survival so that people will have no choice but to rally and work together to survive. As this article states they will be forced into "sustained self-sufficiency" because "federal assistance will be spread thin". They will all be on their own in other words. The changes will be permanent. In the initial stages the only thing remaining to hold things together will be a "skeletal infrastructure", as is the topic of this article. This would certainly include martial law [NorthCom] to oversee the whole thing.

Using pandemic flu for the model, as seen in the above article, this "skeletal infrastructure" planning is being proposed for communities across the nation. The collaborators proposing this planning are all high level government.

This is the only way the final transition can ever happen. It will be forced into getting up and running. The globalists do not care about anything or anybody else. Their goals are all long term. The community management teams are already in place, having been trained (brainwashed) and networked for many years. When and how the final blow is delivered remains to be seen but the time is very close. It will be messy. The kingdom of darkness is not concerned about that either. Be aware.

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