Global 'Financial Chaos' Provides Opportunity For 666 Money System

Nations weighing global approach to financial crisis nytimes/global edition

WASHINGTON: The United States and Britain appear to be converging toward a common solution for the financial chaos sweeping the world, one day before a crucial meeting of financial leaders begins in Washington that the White House hopes will result in a more unified response.

The British and American plans, though far from identical, have two common elements: injection of government money into banks in return for ownership stakes and guarantees of repayment for various types of loans.

Both remedies will be center stage on Saturday, when President George W. Bush meets with finance ministers from the world's richest countries at an unusual White House meeting to swap ideas.

Bush's invitation to finance ministers from Britain, Italy, Germany, France, Canada and Japan came on a day of phone calls and letters between European leaders and with Washington. Officials struggled to fashion a coordinated response to the ailing global banking system before going to Washington for annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

"As this thing has spread, the opportunities for cooperation have risen," David McCormick, the under secretary of the Treasury for international affairs, said. "We need to promote and highlight these common areas."
update on: Zionist Spokesman Gordon Brown: It's Time (9-27-08)

re: 'financial chaos sweeping the world' and 'opportunities for cooperation'

The incredible controlled demolition of the global monetary system has reached mach speed. The 'beast' is now asserting himself openly. Tomorrows (10-11-08) "unusual" global caucus of the world's richest nations is merely an outward show. The meeting's pre-planned outcome will transform the 'chaos' into the 'new order' exactly as designed. The end goal of this Zionist agenda is control of every single financial transaction on the planet, and that goal is now in sight. The biblically prophesied 666 system, without which no man may buy or sell is being birthed.

Time is up. Absolutely every other part of the global government system will begin to fast forward also as this monetary system integration gets underway. stay tuned...more to come

compare: '9-1-2' Controlled Financial Implosion For Global Government: "Controlled implosion. This is not 9-1-1. It's the next phase. This is 9-1-2. The controlled implosion of the entire financial system of the nation" (and world. ed.)
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