One World Religion Building Catholic-Muslim Forum In November

ROME 4-6 November 2008 Catholic and Muslim scholars initiate formal talks

In the first forum of its kind, 24 Catholic and Muslim scholars will meet in November to talk about the theological and spiritual foundations of Catholicism and Islam and human dignity and mutual respect. The first Catholic-Muslim Forum concludes with an audience with Pope Benedict XVI.

A joint statement released by the Vatican and the Academic Trust in Britain in March said the theme will be, “Love of God, Love of Neighbor.”

According to Catholic World News (CWN), Vatican officials and representatives of the Common Word Initiative set plans for the inaugural Forum after informal talks in Rome on Mar 4 and 5. CWN says the Initiative originated with an appeal from *138 Islamic leaders for deeper dialog with Christians, and that there are now more than 200 Islamic leaders – many living in Western countries – who have endorsed it

*138 Islamic leaaders see: False Global Religion Making Headway
update on: "Interreligious" global agenda (4-16-08) "Later this year, the newly created Catholic-Muslim Forum will convene in Vatican City for its inaugural summit, and show how relations between Christians and Muslims have advanced."

This must be seen as a very remarkable event which is about to take place. A first time ever in the history of the world Catholic-Muslim forum to dialogue about the "love of God, love of neighbor". In the first place, no such dialogue could ever be possible if the Catholics were not willing to agree with the Muslims that they do in fact serve the same God. Agreeing on this point will be the foundation of the coming global interspirituality. The universal "God". The Pope himself will participate.

Great strides are now being made by the NWO would-be masters in globalizing the world's economy, and this is tremendously significant, but equally important to establishing the desired control mechanism over the people of the planet is bringing the religions of the world into some sort of working agreement i.e. a manageable framework. This Catholic-Muslim conference is a very important development on a global scale and is laying the groundwork for that working agreement. This is a 'giant' step.

Meet the 'Universal God' people. All religions will be *mandated to comply and work together in the NWO for the brotherhood of humanity. Resistors will be dealt with. Christian, need it be said that you can have no part in such 'activities'? Flee from Babylon all who have ears to hear, delay not! Jer. 51:6

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"And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world."1 John 4:3

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