Random Search Program Expanding

D.C. Metro to Randomly Search Riders’ Bags

[Washington D.C.] Metro officials yesterday announced plans to immediately begin random searches of backpacks, purses and other bags in a move they say will protect riders and also guard their privacy and minimize delays.

Although Metro police said the program will begin immediately, they would not say which of their 86 rail stations or more than 12,000 bus stops would be subject to inspection on any given day. On some days, there might be no inspections, or there might be several. Fifteen officers have been trained to perform searches, and more will be trained, officials said.
re: 'random searches', 'begin immediately', 'more will be trained'

A little more than a month ago this story/post came out TSA Given Gestapo Powers? 9-23-08:

"WASHINGTON - Rail passengers from Virginia to Vermont were greeted by a heavy police presence Tuesday morning, as Amtrak, the Transportation Security Administration and local agencies teamed up for a joint show of force."
The railroad and the TSA say officers from about 100 commuter rail, state, and local police agencies took part in the operation, which included random passenger bag inspections.

"The exercise was not announced beforehand. Amtrak and the TSA say similar exercises will be held in the future around the country."
"More will be trained". As always, the new thing starts in a few locations, then spreads until it becomes the new norm. Random searches of private citizens are being gradually phased in and are on the way to becoming the 'new norm' around the country in the now police state 'homeland'. Conditioning the public to subservience to the NWO. Be aware, not conditioned.
Rev. 18:4 'Come out of her, my people..'

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