Globalizing the U.S. Economy And Martial Law

U.S. Representative Brad Sherman: “I’ve seen members turn to each other and say if we don’t pass this bill, we’re going to have martial law in the United States.”

Following up his counterpart Rep. Michael Burgess and his use of the term (see: link end of paragraph), Rep. Brad Sherman continues the process of the desensitization of Americans to the notion of "martial law". Although the so-called bailout bill sailed through the House today, the further announcing of the martial law threat shows clearly the intent to condition the minds of the public. How can we be so sure? It's already begun as of 10-1-08 with a brigade of 3000-5000 battle hardened combat soldiers now commissioned to roam throughout the 'homeland'. see: Is The U.S. Under Martial Law As of Today?

The Fed Is Taking Over (The Federal Reserve is not a branch of the U.S. government but is a private corporation; see link)

The globalization of the economy will be the sure winner coming out of the passage of the 'bailout', which will become readily apparent soon enough, and with that the globalization of the entire country. That involves, without question, the transition into the Agenda 21 community-based governance model which will in turn require a form of oversight which can truly be nothing less than a system of martial law. NorthCom already has the system ready to go, and as mentioned above, boots on the ground. see: They're ready, are you?

see also (4-19-08) Martial Law Dry Run: "When the actual official transition from 'nation states' to global 'regional governments' occurs, as will unquestionably happen (see serious warning; it's only a question of 'when'), it will very likely be rather 'messy' in the beginning. This is well understood by the planners. They are even now working out the kinks and greasing the joints. Still don't believe it....welcome to the homeland, comrade! The 'beast' is rising...."

The transition to community-based management is already happening: see Rick Warren, Gulf Coast, and Peter Drucker

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