Sarkozy, Bush To Meet, Plan Global Summit

Worldwide currency system to be "put on the table"

BRUSSELS, Oct 16, 2008 (AFP) - French President Nicolas Sarkozy was handed a mandate by his EU colleagues Thursday to push for a complete overhaul of the financial system at a summit with US counterpart George W. Bush this weekend.
"We do not have the right to miss this opportunity for reconstructing our system of finance in the 21st century," Sarkozy said at the end of a two-day summit in Brusssels dominated by the financial crisis. "We have a mandate now to discuss this with the President of the United States."
Sarkozy, who is due to hold talks with Bush at his Camp David retreat on Saturday, was speaking after the 27 EU leaders endorsed calls for an overhaul of the financial system in the wake of the turmoil on financial markets.
"How many currencies should there be? What should the relationship be between the currencies? All of these things have to be discussed.
"I really do think that all of these subjects have to be put on the table, we have to arrive at initial conclusions for a summit in November."
update on: Six European Nations Merge Economies (10-15-08) [quote]: We have placed the first foundation stone of a new financial order," said chancellor Angela Merkel, underlining that nothing would ever be the same again in banking.
re: 'reconstructing our system of finance in the 21st century'
Interpretation: A pre-summit summit to be held this weekend (10-18-08) to put the issues "on the table", so that at next month's summit those things can also become 'stones' in the now being laid foundation of the predetermined globally unified monetary system of the 666 beast. It is what it is and that's what it is!
It does not get any bigger than this.
The next phase of the 'production', the actual official summit, looks to be held some time after the 'Election 2008' circus is finally over (maybe). Nothing here is 'just happening'. The "reconstructing" of the entire world is now being carried out openly according to the blueprints. Simple in theory but complex in scope...there is no plan 'b'. Bush and Co. may want to portray themselves as hemming and hawing somewhat but it is all an act. Zionists one and all and the time has come to make their big move. It will happen...be ready. Rev. 18:4

Quoting from the article above, Sarkozy wants to discuss "how many currencies should there be?" At 55 seconds into the video hear the answer they have already decided upon: “Europe wants to present a blueprint for a new worldwide currency system
connect dots, see picture:


Anonymous said...

I opened your blog after a study session on Ephesians. Whoa....
my head stays boggled!

I'm went from a study of our Lord's spiritual house in Christ (..all us living stones) to the pre-construction and planning phase of harlot babylon reading your newest additions.

This is truly heavy duty stuff brother and we are now in warp speed order out of chaos mode.
Hegelian is still spoken but there's a ton of Helelese burst outta the closet of late and it's hardly subtile...language is clear.

Armour on...oil in...spots and wrinkles smoothed out...and standing at the dock peering out in eager anticipation of His coming !!!...is He here yet...is He here yet...is He here yet???

AB Leever

tom m. said...

Alison..even having been intently watching the development of this Antichrist 'beast' for at least the last twenty-plus years....it's still absolutely incredible to see what has just been pulled off in the last month or so. In a stunning display of globally coordinated financial sleight-of-hand the world has been almost effortlessly brought to the brink of one world government...

And it's being brought to the brink of the 'day of the LORD' too.

So many (professing christians) blinded through unbelief though...but every single word of the scripture will be fufilled as we are witnessing already. And the dawn is about to break and the Morning Star will appear in the sky...

Watch and pray...maranatha

Anonymous said...

Comforting....(hopes that He may not tarry much longer).

We must not be diverted by these matters of late. They are so easily apt to occupy much head space....ya know?

So...yes...amazing times borther.

Pray...without ceasing. Stay eagerly waiting and watching.

Thank you for your ministry. A blessing to have you watching.

AB Leever
..and with regard to the economic mess... The Lord downsized us. Lost about 5 years of supplemental income in a few months before we threw what we had left in a life boat. that's OK. Sparrows and lillies are doin fine and so are we. (smile....)

Anonymous said...

His hand to my mouth....daily. The LORD is my portion.