Ron Paul's "End The Fed" Ramps Up, And Global Government

Follow up on: "End The Fed" And Replace With A "Global Reserve"? U.N. Calls For Global Reserve 9-8-09 "The "End the Fed" movement is ongoing, and no doubt most involved are well meaning, nevertheless, they are being duped by the globalization strategists." (see post for more info)
Agent provocateur Ron Paul is now taking his "End the Fed" movement to the next level with a new book coming out tomorrow 9-16-09:

'End the Fed'...and America will be back on the road to greatness is the come-on. Unfortunately, that is as far from true as the east is from the west. In the now openly morphing world government with it's new 'global economy' there will be no "Federal" anything. Period. That is not hard to understand. The "End the Fed" movement will likely grow, and the duped participants are about to be manipulated into helping bring about the very changes necessary to transition the U.S. into the communitarian global system.
They may even be induced into joining the so-called 'rebellion'. Be not duped
Rev. 18:4 'Come out of her, my people..'

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