NY Healthcare Update: 500,000 Workers Slated For Mandatory Mystery-Injections

Follow up on: NY Health Workers To Protest To Refuse Mandatory Swine Injections 9-29-09 (see post)

"..as many as 500,000 state health care workers are slated for the vaccines"

This is starting to hit home. Note the ridiculous and insulting MSM spin, calling this "Swine Flu Frustration".

NWO planned ordo ab chao is on the way...too early to call the exact 'm-o' just yet, but instigation of 'civil unrest' is looking more and more like a very real possibility with each passing day...be smart.
Meanwhile, back on the west coast of California, one county has broken the 'emergency declaration' ice:
Santa Clara County Declares State of Emergency for H1N1-Swine Flu 9-29-09 "The Board's declaration of emergency will enable us to put needed resources in place to respond to what is likely to be a flu season that will impact our entire community,"
Psalms 12:5 'For thou, LORD, wilt bless the righteous; with favor wilt thou compass him as with a shield.'

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