Belgium Claims Dictatorial Pandemic Power 9-22-09


The Belgian parliament yesterday voted to give the government emergency dicatorial powers under the pretext of dealing with a pandemic emergency.
Belgium is the first country in Europe to formally suspend democracy and civic rights and to switch over to military rule under the authority of a "a special crisis committee" that answers ultimately to WHO and the UN.
WHO declared a pandemic emergency level 6 in June over the "swine flu" pandemic, allowing governments to activate "emergency measures" that suspend the operation of normal government and justice.
re: 'answers ultimately to WHO and the UN'
Could not find any other reports on this. It is unclear whether the "special crisis committee" has actually assumed power at this time, or if they have to wait for a 'pandemic declaration' first. Either way, it is to be noted that WHO's still-active "level 6" has the ability to change all the rules overnight, anywhere on the globe. Note also...what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Belgium is said to be the first country in Europe to formally adopt this measure. Belgium is also where the capital of the EU is (Brussels).
Pandemics and military rule under UN and WHO authority? This is just working out the details of a done deal. see: U.N. General Assembly, New York 9-23-09: Everybody Wants NWO
'Swine Flu' To Bring Martial Law? 7-30-09

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