Big Brother Babblers Say "Roll Up Your Sleeves" So We Can 'Pump You Up'

Follow up of last month's: Big Brother says "Get Your #@!% Vaccine" 8-27-09 (see post)
...and, says the public relations department of the NWO, we will demonstrate. Yes, roll up your sleeves and be injected with some who-knows-what for something the Bureau of Propaganda calls "seasonal flu". And...while your sleeve is rolled up, you might as well let us inject a little more toxic soup into your veins...this one for the bogus H1N1. Yes, yes, keep watching the shiny object...you will do as you're told...you will be an obedient mindless slave for the NWO.

Health care workers....you're mandatory already:


Something is very wrong here in psycho-TV 'homeland' 2009, that is horribly clear. While it is virtually impossible to separate fact from fiction in many instances with regard to this vaccine-propaganda agenda, the fact that it is has been taken to the level seen here must be considered disturbing. How much further it will actually be taken is still pure speculation at this point, but there's talk of tracking bracelets, martial law, internment camps, etc., along with verifiable reports of the publication of what is seen as before-the-fact 'government cover stories' for adverse vaccination results. In other words, already laying the blame elsewhere for when large numbers of people suddenly start developing all sorts of mysterious maladies.
see offsite: 'Police and military train to intern swine flu vaccine refusniks' 9-17-09 (two wild videos and links to corresponding articles)
At any rate, as things appear, we won't be left guessing too much longer.
Unknown dangers ahead. Keep your sleeves rolled down.
...and if you will be wise... Study your bible
The old order must fall if the new is to rise...is 'Swine '09' the Final Blow?
Gen. 11:9 'Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth'

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