Operation Obama to Play 'Supreme Leader' with Nation's Schoolkids Tomorrow 9-8-09

The below is a repost of last week's original article and comment upon it, when this story first broke. Since then much protest has been voiced across the country. The MSM, in response, has been working overtime on the spin, and the so-called speech and accompanying 'lesson plans' have been 'sanitized', we are told, and for that reason everyone should be delighted to go along with the plan. So what? Here sits a man in the highest office in the land, who has yet to even address the many legitimate issues as to his own identity. Who is that masked man? And now his handlers would have it that all the impressionable little children of the nation be given over to his sway? Yes indeed, and moreover, they care not how much 'thou dost protest', as long as you eventually just throw up your hands and say "whatever", and surrender your kids to sitting attentively in front of the screen tomorrow 9-8-09, to be mesmerized by the man with no verifiable (see: Obama's Other Missing Documents) past. Many will end up doing just that.
There is only one possible way to send back a clear and unmistakable message, and that is by absence. To attend 'under protest', or any such thing, will be less than worthless.
Very troubling...very telling:
Obama in the classroom: President to address school students ...
There's quite a buzz going around about Tuesday, September 8th. That's the day President Obama will address PreK-12 students via televisions and screens in public school classrooms, auditoriums, and 'cafetoriums' across the nation.
This is a feat never before attempted by a sitting president.
[Apparently, the schools are being sent 'study guides' to be used in the classrooms before and after the fact]
here is the PreK - 6 itinerary for schools with outline of the talk
here is the 7 - 12 itinerary.
'Supreme Leader' brainwash of nation's youth begins one week from today 9-8-09.

A 'dictator in training' video to be shown to schoolkids nationwide, all on the same day, with study guides for the follow up? Could it be any more obvious?
compare: Troubling Sign: Obama Schools, Streets 1-30-09: "The NWO has turned the corner, the next phase has begun. It is undeniable...the U.S. is being morphed into the brave new world of totalitarianism. Unquestioning obedience to authority must be achieved to take control of a nation, and to accomplish that the first thing necessary is creation of a 'leader' to be obeyed...You are seeing it, and, very important, take note, it's only just begun."
Parents, this is some serious in-your-face stuff, and you better believe they are coming for the hearts and minds of your children. Think about it. fyi
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Daniel 3:18 "...be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve...the golden image which thou hast set up."

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