Central America And NWO Colliding

Panama agrees to host two U.S. naval bases
"The U.S. and Panama will sign before October 30 an agreement on the deployment of two naval bases on the Pacific coast of our country to fight international drug-trafficking," said Minister of Government and Justice Jose Raul Mulino.
All U.S. bases in Panama were closed and U.S. military forces left the country at the end of 1999 in accordance with the Panama Canal treaties. see: NWO: 10 U.S. Government Agencies In Panama For H1N1'Training' 9-21-09
Honduras suspends constitutional civil liberties
TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) – Interim government leaders have suspended constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties in a pre-emptive strike against widespread rebellion Monday, three months to the day since they ousted President Manuel Zelaya in a military-backed coup.
The government’s suspension of civil liberties violates rights guaranteed in the Honduran Constitution: The decree prohibits unauthorized gatherings and allows police to arrest without a warrant “any person who poses a danger to his own life or those of others.”
The government measures also permit authorities to temporarily close news media outlets that “attack peace and public order.”
Under Sunday’s order, authorities may now “prevent the transmission by any spoken, written or televised means, of statements that attack peace and the public order, or which offend the human dignity of public officials, or attack the law.” compare: Belgium 1st Country To Go Under Military Rule Because Of 'H1N1' Hoax 9-25-09
Honduras under "pre-emptive" military control, and Panama is about to undergo occupation by the U.S. military. Looks like some serious 'paradigm' shifting down in Central America. These seriously shifting paradigms have the appearance of an abnormal growth...and not a benign, but a malignant growth of NWO cancer.
Another important thing to note here...which is this recent precedent of suspending constitutions, as here in Honduras, last week in Belgium. The point is this, before the NWO can 'congeal', all constitutions will have to go by the wayside. It's on...
see also: Central America Joins Global Regionalization, Agrees On Single Currency 12-10-08
Isaiah 45:22 Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.

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