Mandatory so-called 'Swine Flu' Vaccination For Military Begins October

Defense Department to Start H1N1 Flu Vaccinations
Office of the Secretary of Defense Public Affairs

WASHINGTON - All military personnel will be vaccinated against the H1N1 flu virus, and the vaccine will be available to all military family members who want it, a Defense Department health affairs official said today. The H1N1 vaccination program will begin in early October, said Army Lt. Col. (Dr.) Wayne Hachey, director of preventive medicine for Defense Department health affairs.
The vaccine, which has been licensed by the Food and Drug Administration, will be mandatory for uniformed personnel, the colonel said. "What we want to do is target those people who are at highest risk for transmission," he said.
Health-care workers, deploying troops, those serving on ships and submarines, and new accessions are at the top of the list. "Any place where we take a lot of people, squash them all together and get them nice and close and put them under stressful conditions will get the vaccine first," he said.
fyi: Mandatory vaccines beginning next month (10-'09) for all military. Not a good sign. Especially bizarre when considering how quickly [less than 5 months] this whole thing, 'Swine '09, has been brought to this point.
The seriousness of what is about to go down - across this globe - suggests that the NWO is now ready to make some drastic power-grabbing moves. see: Global Government Taking Giant Step Because Of Scamdem..um..'Pandemic' 4-26-09 [see video; follow links]; and here
There is the absolute bottom line. Apart from this understanding, no sense whatsoever can be made of what is happening. 'Swine '09' is about nothing more than a consolidation of power...nationally and then ultimately all the way up to the global level. That's it. This dramatic 'pandemic-production' is simply the means to that end. They've got it set up in such a way that this bogus-flu can conceivably be used to trigger just about anything in the months to come. Even now, 'vaccination centers' are being set up in every city in the US.
One thing is certain. Before this is over, everyone everywhere will be impacted in some way or another and the world will be changed permanently. 'Life as you know it' will never be the same.
Follow links, connect dots; Rev. 18:4
see all: 'swine '09'
A Warning To Apostates [written 1600's]: 'Remember Lot's wife' Luke 17:32

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