New Hampshire Secretary Of State Says Will Investigate Obama Citizenship Issue

(Sept. 12, 2009) — New Hampshire State Representative, Lawrence M. Rappaport payed a visit to Mr. William Gardner, the NH Secretary of State, on Thursday, Sept. 10th.
His stunning request: an investigation of Barack Hussein Obama’s presence on the NH 2008 Ballot.
Gardner’s stunning response: an investigation will commence.
I interviewed Mr. Rappaport by email, and asked him, on what basis did he make his complaint; he responded, “The basis for all of this is possible fraud. I don’t know what penalties will be assessed if fraud is proven.”
Rappaport’s action follows stunning revelations that Nancy Pelosi deliberately signed two different forms certifying Barack Hussein Obama was the Democratic National Party candidate for the presidency. While these forms have been known to exist for some time, it was J.B. Williams, writing for the Canadian Free Press who brought them national notoriety, earlier this week.
Last week, out of nowhere, a tentative 'no-certificate' hearing was scheduled in CA (see follow up link above), and now, the NH Secretary of State has vowed an investigation into the question of how Obama managed to get onto the NH ballot without proper documentation.
All part of a carefully timed and coordinated NWO production, i.e. 'Constitutional crisis '09-'10', designed for further instigation of civil unrest in the homeland? It is all too convenient. Remember...there will be no constitutions in the NWO. It is just that simple.
Note: In addition to the two mysterious Kenyan birth certificates which have recently materialized, reportedly two supposedly legitimate forms certifying BO as the democratic nominee and signed by Pelosi, as mentioned above, have also now materialized out of the blue. The forms are identical except for the fact that the second form had a reference to constitutional eligibility removed [here]. Uh oh..here we go...maybe.
stay tuned

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