Swine '09: Belgium 1st Country To Go Under Military Rule Because Of 'H1N1' Hoax

follow up on: Belgium Claims Dictatorial Pandemic Power 9-22-09 (see post)

The Belgian newspaper "Le Soir" has attacked the decision by the Belgian government to give sweeping “special powers” to a crisis committee established to oversee the “pandemic emergency” for six months or until July 2010 at the latest.
The special powers allow a small group of ministers and the King of Belgium to bypass parliament and enact any law that they consider “necessary” to deal with the pandemic emergency, such as compelling nurses and police to carry out forced vaccinations.
In a hard hitting interview on Belgian TV on Tuesday with the the Belgian Health Minister Laurette Onkelinx, a Belgian reporter called the decision by the public health committee to give "super powers" to an executive and suspend parliament to deal with a pandemic was "disproportionate" in view of the fact that there were only 6,000 cases of mild swine flu in the country so far and no sign of a catasrophe.
Onkelinx replied that it was a "necessary evil."
"I don't like [imposing mlitary rule] at all," she said. "But it's indispensable."
She also said people who claimed the "swine flu" vaccine was dangerous were "crazy" , arguing it would only be given if approved by the European Medicines Agency - but as the agency itself states in its own documents, the safety of the vaccine will not be proven before it is given to people in the biggest "experiment" in history.
re: 'necessary evil'
It is true. The Belgian government has officially suspended themselves in favor of military rule: "I don't like [imposing military rule] at all," says Health Minister Onkelinx..."But it's indispensable"...also calling it a "necessary evil". And, don't miss her last statement, the one about those who do not believe being "crazy"....
Onkelinx is telling the truth here. Military rule is indeed necessary for finalizing the evil totalitarian NWO takeover of the planet, and it will be absolutely indispensable also for maintaining control once that is done. Belgium will not be alone in this, and the odds of it going back to normal "by July 2010 at the latest" are virtually non-existent.
Looks like the NWO is playing for all the marbles now. This is crazy.
Uncharted waters ahead...nothing will ever be the same. One day at a time.
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