1st State, Maine, Declares H1N1 "Civil Emergency"

Follow up on yesterdays 9-2-09: Mandatory so-called 'Swine Flu' Vaccination For Military Begins October "They've got it set up in such a way that this bogus-flu can conceivably be used to trigger just about anything in the months to come. Even now, 'vaccination centers' are being set up in every city in the US." (see post)
Gov. of Maine proclaims civil emergency due to H1N1
Schools and health care providers are protected against liability claims related to vaccine clinics
AUGUSTA, Maine — Gov. John Baldacci on Tuesday declared a statewide civil emergency because of the H1N1 influenza virus, paving the way for mass immunization of Maine schoolchildren and other residents.
'...officials in Maine are encouraging public schools to offer on-site immunization clinics for all children, including infants over 6 months and preschoolers as well as children who are home-schooled."
The emergency proclamation allows for those clinicians, once their credentials have been approved, to become temporary employees of the state, relieving provider agencies from the administrative burden and legal liabilities associated with hiring them directly. (compare: Swine '09 Unprecedented Step: Massachusetts Deputizing Civilian 'Vaccinators' 8-13-09)
re: 'statewide civil emergency'
Well well, the 'civil emergency' door has now been officially blown wide open. This open door creates any number of possible stratagems for the power-grabbing self-ordained wanna-be global masters (aka Zionists [updated])...including quarantines, arrests, forced vaccinations, and more...all at their whim.
In the weeks/months to come many other states will surely follow Maine's lead and walk through this door too.
The deconstruction of America for the purpose of regional-global assimilation just took a massive step forward. Very important to understand: By opening this door, a clear signal has been sent...which is this...that this door of 'totalitarian power' will never be closed again. The actual out-in-the-open NWO takeover is on. Nothing will ever go back to 'the way it used to be'. 'It' has now been taken past the point of no return. Turbulence ahead. Rev. 18:4

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Ps. 46:6 The heathen raged, the kingdoms were moved: he uttered his voice, the earth melted. (They lose)

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