'Superbanks' to Dominate Globe/People

Just 3 ‘superbanks’ now dominate industry

The financial crisis that has been sweeping the globe has reshaped nearly every corner of the economy, but no industry has been altered more radically than banking.
Several of the nation's biggest banks have failed or been absorbed by healthier institutions, leaving three giant "superbanks" with an unprecedented concentration of market power: Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo.
"Bank fees are going up, up, up, and that’s the danger to consumers as more of these banks consolidate,” says Sally Greenberg, executive director of the National Consumer League.
"Consumers are going to be victims of higher and more punitive fees,” Greenberg predicts.
re: Consumers are going to be victims

...of the "giant superbanks". The so-called election is over, the president elect, a self proclaimed "citizen of the world" (here) is about to take the helm, and the globlization agenda will now be going full speed ahead. Nothing to stop it now people, which is why the 666 financial consolidation of the world is back on the front burner. The 'global financial catastrophe' disappeared from the network/cable bureau of propaganda news shows just long enough to lull the masses back into Obama hysteria for the election, but that's finished and now it's time to close the deal on the 'new world order' financial system.

Three banks dominate the industry, we're told. What we're not told is that those three banks are already controlled ultimately by the same people..i.e. Federal Reserve...and that they have no intention other than global financial control. They will be meeting next week to begin the process: Global Summit Scheduled Nov. 15...40 World Leaders Pledge Reform

compare: 'Giants' Rising From Global Financial Wreckage: "To gain full control, giants, so to speak, are being created by consolidating the largest financial institutions in the world. The Bank of Scotland/Lloyds merger and the U.S. government takeover of Fannie, Freddie, and AIG, which has created a brand new mortgage/insurance giant are just two examples (BoA/Merrill is another). More are coming. These giants intend to rule the earth...and own it."
Foreign Banks To 'Fund' USA (follow links, connect dots..much need to know information)
The whirlwind is about to hit, and yes, consumers will be victims. They will be dominated and made to be 666 slaves of the NWO 'giants'. This is the birthing of it. Believe it or not.
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Jeremiah 17:7 Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is.

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