NWO NOW Absorbing Insurance Giants

update on: 3 'Superbanks'Dominate Industry 11-6-08
AIG gets $150 billion government bailout

Under the new plan, the government will get a $40 billion equity stake in AIG, spend as much as $30 billion on securities underlying the insurer's credit default swaps, and spend up to $22.5 billion to buy residential mortgage securities.

AIG will issue preferred shares to the government that carry a 10 percent dividend. The government will maintain its roughly 80 percent stake in AIG, making it the biggest beneficiary of the revised bailout.

The $40 billion equity infusion comes from the $700 billion financial bailout package passed into law last month.

That package was originally intended for banks, and AIG is the first company other than a bank to get money from it.

Struggling automakers General Motors Corp, Ford Motor Co and Chrysler LLC have also requested tens of billions of dollars in government help.
re: "new plan...first company other than a bank"
...but not the last by any means. Getting money comes with strings attached. Long strings. Control of the individual companies, which ultimately will result in nothing less than ownership of the entire industry. "Struggling automakers"? see: U.S. Government Taking Over Automakers 9-25-08: "In addition to the mortgage industry, the insurance industry, and Wall Street, the U.S. automakers are soon to become the property of Big Brother also."
The economy is being globalized, which means that all sectors will be taken over. All. This country is rapidly being transitioned into the western region of the world government, which means consolidation into regional management systems in all areas. for example, see: U.S., Mexico, Central America Integrating Law Enforcements 7-6-08
The world government system cannot function properly without being micromanaged throughout...the same way any large corporation is run. This is what it is being done...step by step...industry by industry...and truly even country by country. The push will be forceful and unrelenting from here on out. It is the only agenda. You are watching it unfold.
see: Purpose Driven, International AIDS, and World Govt. 8-6-08; and: Need Global Food Program, Says Global AIDS 8-7-08
(all the links interconnect and present different aspects of the 'big picture'...connecting the dots)
It's well past midnight...have you heard the cry?
Matt. 25:6 And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.

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