Global Religion To Issue Statement 11-13-08

World Interfaith At U.N. 11/12-13/08 Associated Press of Pakistan

More than 60 heads of state/government, foreign ministers and senior officials from member states will attend the two-day meeting, which is expected to issue a statement at the end of the deliberations on Thursday.
A draft of the statement has been worked out by Pakistan and the Philippines as discussions among delegates proceed.
President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown are among those who are participating.
update on Bush, 'World Leaders' At U.N. To Press For 'Global Religion' (11-1-08) quoted comment:
"Take note. While the purpose of this consensus building process, the 'joining of forces' of the religions for the 'common good' may seem to many to be a noble humanitarian cause, this is not the truth. Simply put, the agenda is nothing more than one of gaining control over the people of the world by the gaining control of and the merging of the religions. It is at the very foundation a people-management plan on a global scale for global government, period." (see full comments)
Again, the merging of the world's religions is a crucial aspect of the new global society which is today being forced upon the world. The pressure will be tremendous on all 'religious leaders' to submit to the global control mechanism being created. The statement issued at the conclusion of this week's world-level conference will make that clear, ratcheting up the pressure a few more notches no doubt. Watch and see...Rev. 18:4
Bible prophecy describes a 'leader' who will one day arise as the head of the world's religions. This personage is known in the book of Revelation as the false prophet
Psalms 96:5 For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the LORD made the heavens.

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