Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura Lend Names To 'End The Fed'

National Protest Against Federal Reserve

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- A massive crowd is gathered outside the Jacksonville Landing, as part of a national rally to end the Federal Reserve.
The national protest was organized by bloggers. Their ultimate goal is to end the existence of The Federal Reserve System.
The protest is happening in 39 cities across America today.
According to their website, endthefed.us, the "End the Fed" organization has some notable supporters, including former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura
re: "End the Fed" 39 city protest
Here's the extremely interesting thing about the idea of "ending the Fed". That is exactly what is going to happen/is happening, right along with the ending of the "federal government" itself and the U.S.A. 'as we know it'. The "Federal Reserve" is being morphed into the "Global Reserve".
Little understood, or comprehended may be a better word, but as the global financial system is being hardwired, as it is, and the 'Homeland' is being regionalized into the North American Union, as it is, the "Fed" will basically cease to exist. It is just that simple. A completely new system of global government aka Agenda 21 'community based management', with it's own global financial system (666) will replace the entire existing order. The news is not good, but it is true.
Does anybody really think that politicians Paul and Ventura do not fully understand this? Facilitators both, reading directly from the NWO script.
quoted comment from Foreign Banks To 'Fund' USA 10-13-08:
"The bottom line is this, and it will be possibly sooner than later, but the globalists who are in fact actually all Zionists are finished with Washington D.C. (see: 'bailing out' of America). They are preparing to move to another location for their base of operations. This will be in the middle east...probably initially being established in and through the Mediterranean Union (see: One World Kingdom Birthing). This country, no longer needed to achieve the end goal of global control, will be then merged into the regional global governance system. Prophetic biblical view, read: The Final Conflict, Coming Victory"

About "The Fed" see: here

Rev. 18:4

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