NWO: Control the Money (666), Control The Net...It's On

IMF Bailout of the United States Coming?
Because the US , the world's lender of last resort, is itself bankrupt, the world economy is in danger of collapse. The IMF has now been asked to bail out Iceland , Pakistan , Hungary and Ukraine . The US may very well be the next IMF client.
EU Finance Ministers Debate New Financial Order -
BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) — EU finance ministers on Monday opened two days of talks aimed at crafting proposals for a new global financial order as the gloom in world markets hung over the euro-zone economy's outlook.
France Threatens To Seize Banks
"We don't think the banks are stepping up to task as necessary. We can withdraw the credit that we have extended to them under the state's contract with the banks, and that will put them in difficulty. At that moment the question arises whether we should take an equity stake, change their managers, and assume control over their strategy."

Speaking on French television, he warned: "Broadly speaking, we'll be able to judge over the next 10 days whether they are playing the game as they should, or not."
Net too loose, says security guru
"I'd like to introduce internet passports and more controls, because this network is global and we depend on it," he said.
AT&T To Try Limits On Internet Bandwidth
AT&T Inc. (ATT), the country's largest Internet service provider, is testing the idea of limiting the amount of data that subscribers can use each month.

Two other ISPs
, Time Warner Cable Inc. (TWC) and FairPoint Communications Inc. (FRP), are planning or testing traffic limits as low as 5 gigabytes per month, which is easily exceeded by watchers of DVD-quality online video.

see: The mark of the beast-666
The NWO pace is accelerating at warp speed in absolutely every area... Rev. 18:4

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