Martial Law For North America?

follow up on: North America Integration Stepping Up 11-17-08 (see comments)
U.S.-Canada Military Plan Could Place Troops in Each Other’s Country

The militaries of the United States and Canada are wrapping up a seven-day exercise called “Vigilant Shield” on Tuesday. This marks the continuation of an ever-closer relationship between the two.

For instance, did you know that the United States military could go into Canada in times of emergency? And the Canadian military could go into the United States?

Both the Canadian and U.S. forces have the right to use deadly force in self-defense, the plan says, though “there are no standing . . . rules of engagement or rules for the use of force,” the plan says. “Consequently, every mission will require unique guidance to deployed forces.”

“Support for law enforcement operations is not covered in this plan,” the document says. But it “will be included in the Canada-United States Combined Defense Plan.” That plan is not readily available.

Cross-border support “will only be provided when agreed to by appropriate authorities in both the Government of Canada and the U.S. Government,” the document says. Canada Command and NorthCom “will develop potential options of the military forces of one nation to support the military forces of the other.”
re: Canada Command and NorthCom

Here is the original post regarding the official 2-15-08 signing of the agreement:
Canadian-American military agreement

Bottom line of the globalization agenda concerning this country is that the amalgamation of the so-called North American Union is the only thing on the agenda. The transition of North America into the regional global management system is one of the last major hurdles to be cleared before the dreamed for global kingdom can rise to power over the earth. The overall plan is of course comprehensive and is being facilitated by the created economic 'collapse' and the hoax of so-called climate change. Nothing is 'just happening'. The would be elite globalists...the self-proclaimed 'illumined ones'...intend to set themselves in power over the entire world. The time has come, here today now, the U.S. must be globalized, and the perfect myrmidon has been installed in the White House to pied pipe the way: see Obama

This will involve military rule over the entire continent. Canada Command and NorthCom are both military organizations and are prepared to take that rule (see 'military agreement' link above). The joint training exercises prove this to be the case. NorthCom, as of October 1 2008, has already deployed troops on American soil for the first time in the history of the country. Plans to increase their numbers were announced just two weeks ago: More 'Homeland' Military Units Planned 11-4-08

If not familiar with these things..follow interconnected links..connect dots. It's crucial to know the truth, big changes are in store for all. Rev. 18:4
The deluded 'illumined ones' will ultimately not succeed:
Amos 9:8 "Behold, the eyes of the Lord GOD are upon the sinful kingdom, and I will destroy it from off the face of the earth..."

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