NWO War Machine Conquers Iraq

US wins early round over Iraq Asia Times Online

On Sunday, 38 ministers, including Maliki and his two deputies, finally signed the controversial draft security arrangement with the US. In essence, it says that the 152,000 US troops will withdraw from cities and towns throughout Iraq by June 30, 2009, and pull out completely from the war-torn country by December 31, 2011.

The full text of the agreement has not been published, but the general parameters include a 10-year mandate for the US to guarantee the security of Iraq, in exchange for the right to use Iraqi land, waters and skies to base and train troops and store military equipment. In addition to 50 US bases, the deal calls for long-term American supervision of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior and Defense.

This gives the Americans the almost exclusive right to rebuild Iraq, train its forces and maintain personnel on Iraqi territory. It gives the US the right to arrest or persecute any Iraqi working against its interests, within Iraq, and pledges to protect Iraq from any war, coup or revolution. It also gives the US control of Iraqi airspace.
re: "use Iraqi land, waters, skies", "50 U.S. bases"
A 'real' agreement to remove U.S. troops from Iraq within three years? Or more political posturing for public consumption while the real agenda continues to move forward unabated.
Global conquest comes before global control. Permanent occupation in Iraq, aka as maintaining "personnel on Iraqi territory" and the "long-term American Supervision of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior and Defense" fits the description of global conquest. This has been from the start the only agenda in the middle east. see: mandatory-global-integration 4-15-08

The takeover of Iraq represents the achievement of the goal, the successful global integration of a former non-integrating country. The global control NWO 'beast' is picking his teeth now, but other 'non-integrators' must also be integrated, and the clock is ticking. see
Kissinger: Iran existential threat to world 5-14-08
This country is also on the 'global integration' menu. That integration is presently underway.
also: Global Conquest On Schedule 7-30-08 "The rhetoric to advance the 'global conquest' agenda continues unrelenting and the bottom line is that the agenda will not be hindered."
Micah 3:10 "They build up Zion with blood..."

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