Gates: Military To Increase Training For 'Homeland Operations'

Military Examines Role In Domestic Defense
Citizen Soldiers May Need More Training On Homeland Operations, Defense Secretary Says
(AP) Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Monday ordered his top department leaders to conduct a broad review to determine whether the military, National Guard and Reserve can adequately deal with domestic disasters and whether they have the training and equipment to defend the homeland.
And he pressed his top leaders to review the training that active duty and reserve troops receive for homeland defense and civil support missions, as opposed to the warfighting now consuming them.
"Make no mistake, his decisions are aimed at landmark changes, changes that are essential if the Guard and Reserves are to remain fully capable of meeting current and future threats," said Punaro.
more details: Gates: Active force, reserves must integrate militarytimes
re: decisions "aimed at landmark changes....essential"

First thing to note, as mentioned many times previously, is the specific language used. In this case it is no longer the great country of America but is once again just the 'homeland'. The sends a very clear message. The country does not really have a name anymore. It is just another 'region' of the global government. It is your "homeland" though, and it needs to be defended we are told, and the "military, National Guard, and Reserve" are to be 'broadly' reviewed as to their readiness to fulfil this function.
That this little article should in essence be seen as an advance notice of the inevitable, is corroborated by this post of three weeks ago:
quote from: More 'Homeland' Military Units Planned 11-4-08 "In order to establish the regional North American Union, the globalists will need to utilize a military rule over what they long ago renamed the 'Homeland', and in so doing have already primed the non-critical-thinking masses for the 'polar shift' that is now occurring. Be aware.
Military rule aka martial law to oversee the NAU transition. It's that simple, it could never work any other way, and it's being 'phased in' in broad daylight. see: Globalizing the U.S. Economy And Martial Law 10-3-08"
Note: Defense Secretary Gates reportedly will remain in his position in the new administration.
Reality 2008: All the "landmarks" are being moved, because the 'homeland' is being 'regionalized'. The North American Union (NAU) aka Canamerexico will be the final product. see also: Martial Law For North America? 11-18-08
At the global government local level the community-based management teams are (most often ignorantly) hard at work preparing their communities for the transition into the new system.
Landmark change coming soon. Follow interconnected links and be informed...a lot of info, each touching on different points.
1Thessalonians 5:6 "Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober"

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