Chaos Predicted For Election Result

Prepare for chaos: U.S. electoral system warned it 'can't cope' as historic number of voters cast their ballot

The American presidential election could descend into electoral chaos on Tuesday as unprecedented numbers of voters turn out to cast their ballot in a system that is largely untested.

And with the nation’s voting system largely untested for what is expected to be an unprecedented turnout, the potential for chaos is high.

But the process may be hampered by something other than politics if the voting system fails to cope with turnout.

Six years after the largest federal overhaul in how the U.S. elections are run, voting experts are still predicting machine and ballot shortages in several swing states and late tallies on election night, U.S. media have reported.

'And this flood of new voters is going to challenge the system in a way that it really never has been before.'

re: "potential for chaos is high" and "if the voting system fails" (this from a UK source)

"Chaos" is always the modus operandi of the NWO. In this case, the 'chaos' table is already set in regard to the election 'results', and the unpalatable main course is sure to be confusion, contested results, endless scripted conflicting news reports, etc., not to mention pending lawsuits and/or a promised constitutional crisis, and who can say what further surprises may be in store for the homeland citizens...all part of the grand production designed to phase out the U.S. and phase in the new order of the North American Union. At any rate, it looks as if the globalist handlers may drag it out for a while...and it will be educational whatever the 'dramatic' outcome:

quote from: Globalist Political Productions- starring Obama (8-28-08) "One thing is beyond question though, and that is that the transformational globalist agenda will be advanced by every twist and turn of the script however it plays out. Don't be fooled by the maintenance of the illusion of elections and politicians. The 'homeland' will be assimilated into the global management system (martial law assisted?) and the 'switchover day' is drawing ever closer. That's the real world of 2008 whether people are willing to see it or not. Watch and see...Rev. 18:4"
Prepare for chaos? Let the world go on it's way....Ezra had a better idea:

Ezra 7:10 "For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the law of the LORD, and to do it"

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