Obama Birth Certificate 'Chaos' Growing

The latest on the increasing controversy: Detroit talk radio and a Kenyan ambassador(?), and a new online petition from WND..
From WRIF Radio in Detroit, Michigan, wrif.com

Here is the clip of talk radio hosts from Detroit allegedly telephoning the Kenyan Ambassador in Kenya. In response to their clever question of whether a plaque would be put up to commemorate Obama's place of birth in Kenya, the ambassador says his place of birth is well-known and is already an attraction.
The audio interview in mp3 format is here: gdrg.net/dm/kenya.mp3
Decide for yourself...
and from: wnd.com
Barack Hussein Obama is still refusing to disclose to the American public something as innocent and as basic as his full, undoctored birth certificate to establish beyond any shadow of a doubt – and that doubt is growing daily – that he is a natural-born American citizen.
Ironically, now that the election is over, the pressure is building. A few bold members of Congress are getting interested in demanding hearings on the issue. The lawsuits are increasing. More pundits and activists are beginning to mobilize.
Beginning today, I am personally sponsoring a petition campaign right here at this Internet news source, to all controlling legal authorities to determine Barack Obama's eligibility for the presidency under Article 2, Section 1, of the Constitution and to use all of their persuasive powers to make this information freely available to the rulers of this country – we the people.
To date, here is what we have done:
Dispatched senior staff reporter Jerome Corsi twice to Hawaii to investigate the matter, including an appeal to the governor.
Hired a battery of private investigators in Hawaii to check every hospital for birth records – to no avail.
Sent Corsi to Kenya where he talked with some of Obama's relatives who clearly recall the birth taking place in Mombasa.
(While there, Corsi was detained by Kenyan officials and a press conference he had scheduled was canceled at the last minute at the order of Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who has since made clear he has expectations of payback from soon-to-be President Obama.)
I tell you all this because despite the shroud of secrecy over the birth certificate issue, there are some organizations out there insisting it is all a tempest in a teapot – that the issue is settled, that the birth certificate has been released, that Obama has been determined to be eligible by some mystery authority.
One such organization, Factcheck.org, characterizes any who question its assertion that this matter is settled as conspiracy mongers. But, as for me, when it comes to matters as important as the Constitution of the United States, I do not accept the opinion of armchair researchers. Nobody – not one news organization in the world – has devoted more resources to investigating this matter than has WND.
Ordo ab chao (order out of chaos) is ALWAYS the modus operandi of the novus ordo seclorum. The 'chaos' surrounding this mystery birth certificate is definitely growing and if there is only one thing that is relatively certain about the whole thing...it is that the NWO is somehow orchestrating it to their advantage i.e. advancing the 'new order' and the assimilation of the U.S. into it. Have to continue to watch and see just how that will play out. fyi

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