Merging Canada Into The NAU

Canadian government shuffles toward collapse

OTTAWA: The minority government of Canada teetered on the edge of collapse Friday, just six weeks after its re-election, as opposition parties discussed the formation of a coalition to replace the governing Conservatives.

If neither side backs down in the confrontation, the government will probably fall, perhaps as early as Monday, and Canada would either head into a snap election or into some sort of coalition led by the Liberals.

re: Canadian government..."some sort of coalition"
The Canadian government, the American government, and the Mexican government are to be merged into the North American Union. This fact necessitates, very simply, the eventual 'collapse' of all three governments.
The formation of (quote) "some sort of a coalition" as an intermediate transition would actually be very effective in facilitating Canada's merger into the Western Region of the global management system.
quoted from Martial Law For North America? 11-18-08 "Bottom line of the globalization agenda...the amalgamation of the so-called North American Union is the only thing on the agenda. The transition of North America into the regional global management system is one of the last major hurdles to be cleared before the dreamed for global kingdom can rise to power over the earth." (see comments)
Reality check 2008: The NAU merge of the Antichrist one world government is on the front burner. see: America and the Pied Piper (Obama)
"And...the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him..." Matt 25:10

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