The Midnight Cry Matt. 25:6

...and THE TEN VIRGINS (Matt. 25:1-13)


"We now approach that solemn section of our Lord's discourse in which He presents the kingdom of Heaven under the similitude of “ten virgins”...It bears directly and pointedly upon Christian profession, whether true or false."

".....the parable of the ten virgins teaches, beyond all question, that when the Bridegroom comes, there will be foolish virgins on the scene, and clearly, if there are foolish virgins, all cannot have been previously converted. A child can understand this. We cannot see how it is possible, in the face of even this one parable, to maintain the theory of a world converted before the coming of the Bridegroom."
"But let us look a little closely at these foolish virgins. Their history is full of admonition for all Christian professors. It is very brief, but awfully comprehensive. “They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them.” There is the outward profession, but no inward reality — no spiritual life — no unction — no vital link with the source of eternal life — no union with Christ. There is nothing but the lamp of profession, and the dry wick of a nominal, notional, head belief": read full sermon (***** 5 stars)
Consider this as a "midnight cry" if you will! Look around, survey the horizon, it's pitch black spiritually and politically. The bridegroom cometh! Every person who "names the name of Christ" will fall into one of these two classes: "wise" or "foolish", as designated by the Lord Jesus Christ himself. Where do you personally, Mr./Ms. Christian 2008, stand? Are you bound up with this world and it's pursuits, or are you separated from this world unto the heavenly calling (Heb. 3:1) and the person of Christ Jesus the Lord and Saviour? You may not have both, for it's not an earthly but a heavenly calling, an either/or proposition. What can be more important than to be certain as to whether or not I've got a 'vessel' and 'oil' for that vessel. Answer: nothing! (The foolish had neither)

Can you hear "the midnight cry"?

also: pt.2 of A.C. Gaebelein on the three parables of the Olivet discourse: The Ten Virgins (recommended)
Hear the song: Midnight Cry
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