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Martial Law in hawaii? :source
Below are some excerpts from House Bill 2664 presently in the Hawaii State House of Representatives which would delegate the Governor new power and the authority to declare an "emergency proclamation" in the event of some sort of "disaster" (itemized in 2nd quote e.g. "massive oil spills(?), civil disturbances", etc. and note also the phrase "but not limited to"), which would then grant the authority to assume this new power "without limitations".

Very interesting, no?
"All provisions of law that relate to disasters resulting from enemy attacks during such period are made applicable to other disaster relief, including without limitation, provisions making or authorizing appropriations or expenditures[.]; provided that, in order to exercise the powers authorized under this chapter and chapter 128 for disasters not caused by an enemy attack, the governor shall first find and declare through an emergency proclamation that tangible and measurable harm or damage has resulted as a consequence of the disaster and that the disaster relief could not otherwise be achieved through legislation enacted in the next occurring regular session of the legislature or a special session of the legislature called by the governor for the purpose of providing for such relief."

"Other disaster relief" means the preparation for and the carrying out of all functions, other than functions for which military forces are primarily responsible, to minimize and repair injury and damage resulting from disasters caused by fire, flood, tidal wave, volcanic eruption, earthquake, or other natural causes and major disasters caused by acts of man, including but not limited to, massive oil spills, nuclear accidents, airplane crashes, and civil disturbances.

"Tangible and measurable harm or damage" means harm or damage that has already occurred and that, unless immediately acted upon, would otherwise be irreparable, result in the imminent loss of life, or pose an immediate health or safety hazard to humans or the environment."

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