And now...going international

Bush and Brown in push to deal with crisis: ft.com

"George W. Bush, US president, and Gordon Brown, UK prime minister, have agreed to step up co-operation over the crisis in financial markets. They are setting up a joint working group which will develop plans to monitor and regulate the banking system."

"At the heart of the proposals, agreed on Wednesday by Hank Paulson, US Treasury secretary, and Alistair Darling, UK chancellor, is the creation of a body made up of senior Treasury and regulatory figures from London and Washington."

"However, officials say that, given the huge role that London and New York play in financial markets, the significance of the new body will go beyond that."

“We have both been seised of the fact that we need to do something to respond to the financial market turbulence, that we need to generate a shared agenda in the run-up to the spring meetings,” said a senior UK Treasury official.
And now.....a newly created "international body", with a "shared agenda', to apparently merge with the soon to be newly reformed American financial system. These developments must be seen as 'late-stage', as to building their global system; i.e. "it's" almost ready to go. compare with: cui-bono-who-benefits


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