'Homeland' update

Ever heard of "fusion centers"?

Second National Fusion Center Conference Held to Foster Greater Collaboration: source

"More than 900 federal, state, and local law enforcement and homeland security officials attended this week the National Fusion Center Conference here to further the U.S. government’s plans to create a seamless network of these centers."

"After the 9/11 attacks, states and various U.S. localities established information fusion centers to coordinate the gathering, analysis, and sharing of homeland security, terrorism, and law enforcement intelligence. Today there are more than 50 operational centers in 46 states."

"“Working together – leveraging federal as well as state and local networks; moving relevant information and intelligence quickly; enabling rapid analytic and operational judgments – that is what this network of centers is all about,”"

"Fusion centers are relatively new creatures on the homeland security scene and are intended to allow local and state police to combine their criminal and intelligence information with information shared by government agencies."

"While the original idea was to focus on anti-terrorism, both states and the federal government are now touting an all-encompassing "all threats, all hazards" model. That means the centers would focus not just on anti-terrorism, but also gangs, immigration, floods and common crimes -- under the justification that these other areas sometimes have links to terrorism."
Police state?

While the stated objective is "information fusion", what is actually being 'fused', across the nation, are the various federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies themselves. The military and the private sector are increasingly being incorporated also, according to the ACLU (see their fusion map). They are all quietly being fused into a monolithic system, which, by the nature of the 'beast', will have to come under a single authority. It could not work otherwise. This is what is meant by the buzzwords "seamless network". It will also be (quote) "all encompassing". Welcome to your "Homeland"!

Ever wondered why the name "Homeland" Security is used, rather than, say, e.g. "United States" Security? Could it be to disassociate the American people with the idea of national sovereignty, which at the same time would subtlety indoctrinate the masses while the country undergoes the transformation into the planned regional/global government system?

see: global/regional govt. (follow the links to 'connect the dots') also: global-police


Rev. 18:4

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